Top 10 Hot Dogs

These are the Top 10 Hot Dogs in Miami or maybe the Best 10 Hot Dogs in Miami. It depends on the word you prefer to use.

One of my pet peeves is when someone says something like, Miami has no good insert word here.

The never-ending war against the negative nancies is an uphill battle, but all I can try to do is educate those who are willing to listen.

There are plenty of tasty cylindrical meats in the 305.

All you have to do is look or use my list!


Arbetter Pork/Beef Mix Chil Dog
Restaurant Name Arbetter Hot Dogs
Cooking Technique Steamed or Grilled
Hot Dog Type Beef & Pork Mix or Sabrett All-Beef
Hot Dog Name Famous Chili Dog
Ingredients Homemade Chili, Diced Onions, Yellow Mustard on a Steamed Bun


Babe’s Housemade Pork Hot Dog
Restaurant Name Babe’s Meat & Counter
Cooking Technique Steam & Grilled
Hot Dog Type Housemade Pork Link
Hot Dog Name Babe’s Hot Dog
Ingredients Served on a toasted Martin’s Potato Roll, Mustard, Diced Onions & Housemade Relish on the Side


BurgerFi Texas Style Dog
Restaurant Name BurgerFi
Cooking Technique Split & Griddled
Hot Dog Type American Wagyu Beef Hot Dog
Hot Dog Name Texas Style Dog
Ingredients Chili, Cheese & Hot Sauce Served on a toasted Martin’s Potato Roll


Restaurant Name El Alpha Dog
Cooking Technique Grilled
Hot Dog Type Sabrett All Beef
Hot Dog Name El Alpha Dog
Ingredients Onions, Scallions, Alpha Sauce, Pork Belly, Korean BBQ, Toasted White Sesame Seeds, & Cilantro on a Custom Sweet Bun


Fritas Domino Perro Enrollado
Restaurant Name Fritas Domino
Cooking Technique Deep-Fried
Hot Dog Type Beef & Pork Mix
Hot Dog Name Perro Enrollado
Ingredients Split, Lined with American Cheese then Wrapped in Bacon & topped with Housemade Julienne Potatoes, Ketchup & Diced Onions on Regular Toasted Hot Dog Bun 


MONSTER Burger’s Monster Dog
Cooking Technique Grilled
Hot Dog Type 1/4 lb. All Beef
Hot Dog Name Monster Dog
Ingredients Bacon, Onions, Mozzarella Cheese, Monster Sauces & Crushed Potato Chips on Regular Toasted Hot Dog Bun


Pepito’s Plaza Perro Caliente
Restaurant Name Pepito’s Plaza
Cooking Technique Grilled
Hot Dog Type All Beef
Hot Dog Name Perro Caliente
Ingredients Onion, Potato Sticks, Parmesan Cheese, and Pink, Garlic, Cilantro, & Avocado Sauces on Regular Hot Dog Bun 


Restaurant Name PINCHO
Cooking Technique Grilled
Hot Dog Type Hebrew National All Beef Dog
Hot Dog Name PINCHO Dog
Ingredients Chopped Grilled Pineapple, PINCHO Sauce, Cilantro Sauce, Bacon, Julienne Potatoes on Toasted Challah Bun


Restaurant Name Sweet Dogs
Cooking Technique Boiled, Grilled or Deep Fried
Hot Dog Type Nathan’s 1/4 lb. All Beef
Hot Dog Name The Dolphin
Ingredients Ham, Bacon, Mozarella Cheese, Pineapple Sauce, & Potato Sticks on a Steamed Bakery Bun


Pair of Swensen’s Chili Cheese Dogs
Restaurant Name Swensen’s Restaurant
Cooking Technique Grilled
Hot Dog Type Angus Beef
Hot Dog Name Loaded Hot Dog
Ingredients Housemade Chili, Cheese Sauce, & Onions or Pico de Gallo on a Brioche Bun


  1. Always an enjoyable read. Surprisingly (or maybe not LOL), I have had a lot of these.

    Arbetter’s-I don’t care for the hotdog itself. Meat is too mild/bland/soft, tastes like it’s made of turkey.
    Burger Fi-Never cared for the burnt. Like ketchup, it’s not right. Browned in butter is awesome, burnt is bad.
    Fritas Domino-I know it’s sacrilegious but I’m not a frita fan. Too greasy. You can have too much of a good thing.
    Monster-I have not tried, but I don’t like bacon or mozzarella or a toasted bun.
    Pepitos-Have not tried but looks amazing (add pineapple and skip the shaker cheese but then it looks like Pincho . . .
    Pincho-I love it, but it’s not my favorite
    Sweet Dogs-I had big hopes and took my family for my birthday but was disappointed.
    Swenson’s-Bun no, cheese sauce no. When “restaurants” do hot dogs, they are often just weird.

    The best tasting plain hot dog (just the hotdog + bun) is the big fat one “Big BIte” at 7-11 . . . greasy good!

    My perfect hot dog is the Sabretts from a stand with not toasted bun, those onions cooked in red (whatever that is) sauce, and YELLOW mustard.

    Used to be a lady with a hot dog stand outside the WalMart in Doral (87th) who would be there like after 10PM til crazy hours. A hot dog with everything, but no dill pickle, no ketchup, no sauerkraut was the bomb! Pepitas, pineapple, etc. I think it was Columbian style. Haunted by these!

  2. If it had pineapple then it’s more than likely going to be Colombian. You may want to try MAO’s on Bird Road, it might be right up your alley plus it’s open late!


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