The Best Hot Dogs in Miami List

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The Best Hot Dogs in Miami are out there if you’re looking. One of my pet peeves is when someone says Miami has no good insert word here.

A little patience goes a long way with hot dogs in the 305 since they aren’t many dedicated hot dog joints. But, while Miami doesn’t have the rich hot dog history of Chicago, New York, or Texas, we’re getting there.

This list is more of a starter list as you begin your journey. Don’t hesitate to comment below and leave your favorite spots I might have omitted.

Who knows, maybe I’ll even bring back my event, Wiener Bash!

There are plenty of tasty cylindrical meats in the 305. All you have to do is look OR use my list!

Arbetter Hot Dogs

Arbetter's Famous Chili Dog, Best Hot Dog in Miami
Chili & Onion Dog (Pork/Beef Dog)
Restaurant NameArbetter Hot Dogs
Cooking TechniqueBoiled or Grilled
Hot Dog TypeBeef & Pork Mix or Sabrett All-Beef
Hot Dog NameFamous Chili Dog
IngredientsHomemade Chili, Diced Onions, and Yellow Mustard on a Steamed Bun

10 thoughts on “The Best Hot Dogs in Miami List”

  1. Ive never had Rutt’s but in Jersey, kinda north Jersey lives Hot Rod’s Hot Dogs and it blows away all hot dog places everywhere, including their house made fries! They’re the best for sure!

  2. Beast. On your next road trip, may I recommend you visit Clifton, New Jersey. There, you will find Rutt’s Hut, home of the Ripper. A deep fried hotdog. Also, up the road a bit is The Hot Grill, home of the Hot Texas Wiener. The HTW is a north Jersey thing, and there are many restaurants that sell them in the area. Hot Grill is my favorite, but others think differently, which is all good. According to local lore, the HTW was created by Greek immigrants in the 30’s – 40’s, it’s a fried dog with spicy mustard, thin bean less chili sauce, diced raw onions on top. That is called all the way. You’ll eat five. Fries suck, but are made palatable by getting them topped with sauce. The cheeseburger is nothing special, except when you get it all the way. That is some good shit.

  3. Always an enjoyable read. Surprisingly (or maybe not LOL), I have had a lot of these.

    Arbetter’s-I don’t care for the hotdog itself. Meat is too mild/bland/soft, tastes like it’s made of turkey.
    Burger Fi-Never cared for the burnt. Like ketchup, it’s not right. Browned in butter is awesome, burnt is bad.
    Fritas Domino-I know it’s sacrilegious but I’m not a frita fan. Too greasy. You can have too much of a good thing.
    Monster-I have not tried, but I don’t like bacon or mozzarella or a toasted bun.
    Pepitos-Have not tried but looks amazing (add pineapple and skip the shaker cheese but then it looks like Pincho . . .
    Pincho-I love it, but it’s not my favorite
    Sweet Dogs-I had big hopes and took my family for my birthday but was disappointed.
    Swenson’s-Bun no, cheese sauce no. When “restaurants” do hot dogs, they are often just weird.

    The best tasting plain hot dog (just the hotdog + bun) is the big fat one “Big BIte” at 7-11 . . . greasy good!

    My perfect hot dog is the Sabretts from a stand with not toasted bun, those onions cooked in red (whatever that is) sauce, and YELLOW mustard.

    Used to be a lady with a hot dog stand outside the WalMart in Doral (87th) who would be there like after 10PM til crazy hours. A hot dog with everything, but no dill pickle, no ketchup, no sauerkraut was the bomb! Pepitas, pineapple, etc. I think it was Columbian style. Haunted by these!


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