Keg South Of Kendall – Kendall, Florida

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If you think back on your life, can you remember the beginnings of one of your passions I mean obsessions? When I worked at Best Buy in Hialeah, one of the managers and I struck up a friendship. I was the Supervisor of the Media Department, and he was a Sales Manager. We bonded over our mutual love of music, in particular, the Blues.

Martin suggested we get some cold beer and eat the Best Burger in Town, according to him. I lived in Westchester, and he lived in deep Kendall, aka West Kendall. When he gave me the address and I drove out there, I didn’t even know there was a Tamiami Airport. We’re talking a lifetime ago.


We sat at the bar and continued our usual music discussions over beers and a Keg burger. I ended up having 2 Keg burgers. I loved it so much.

My wife Marcela and I were recently in the area and thought it might be cool to eat at the Keg South of Kendall. It’s been years since I had eaten here, and yes, this is the same Keg South that Martin and I ate at all those years ago. Keg South also exists in Pinecrest and Homestead. All of them have different owners, so there are some slight differences between them.

I started with an ice-cold beer, and there is a pretty good selection of craft beers. Marcela loves the Nachos here, and yes, I eat them, but I’m not as fascinated as she is with them. The Nachos are tri-colored chips topped with nacho cheese, liquid chili, sour cream, and jalapeños. The jalapeño poppers are pretty standard, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t order them.


The Special Grilled wings have a great flavor, much like the famed wings from Sports Grill. I’m just not a fan of the actual type of wings they use, but taste ultimately rules all.

The Keg burger looked much more beautiful than I remembered. I also liked its shape deformity. There’s nothing better than a burger with character. It came a juicy medium as ordered with that great char flavor from their grill. The Keg burger was precisely the same; nothing had changed. I ordered mine with American cheese, although back in the day, cheddar was my guy.

The fresh-cut fries tasted exactly as I remembered them.

It was great to come back to Keg South of Kendall and enjoy a beer & burger, but this time with Marcela. And what about Martin? Yes, we’re still friends, and at my birthday party this year, he ate two cheeseburgers, actually more like he beasted them. That’s my man!

A Cold Brewski
Jalapeño Poppers
Special Grilled Wings
Fresh Cut Fries
1/2 Pound Keg Burger

A Miami Classic:

Keg South of Kendall
12805 SW 136th Avenue
Miami, Florida 33186

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  1. ok so this is the best burger you’ve ever had, then i have to go back. i haven’t been to keg south in about 10 years. maybe i’ll take a stop there for saturday lunch.

  2. Ah, Keg South. I love the Nachos there! And who could leave the place without having a delicious Xango?

    Not to mention, it where I discovered my love for Derek, according to you.

  3. This has to be hands down the best kept secret around town. What place can u find $1 dollar Amberbok, Juicy burgers, and delicious Zangos. Only complaint with the place is the out dated pool and jukebox machine. Other than that i am a repeat customer who holds this place very dear in my heart. And i too found my hidden love for Derick..

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