Manhattan Chicago Pizzeria in Kendall

I’m not a pizza expert, much less Chicago-style pizza. So you won’t get the word “Authentic” out of my mouth. Too many people throw that word around without really having enough knowledge about what they’re discussing.

However, I am well-versed in things that I think taste great, and Manhattan Chicago Pizza falls into that category.

Some fella on Twitter complained that they had ordered take-out, which took over an hour and a half. I almost felt they were trying to blame me since I had posted pictures on Instagram about the pizza a few days earlier. I don’t work here; I only eat here.

Two Visits to Manhattan Chicago Pizzeria

I’ve been to Manhattan Chicago Pizzeria twice, where I ate inside. The first time was for dinner, and the next was for an early lunch just as they opened. On both occasions, I was told in advance the Chicago-style pizza would take 25 minutes, which it did. So we were prepared for it.

Garlic Rolls from Manhattan Chicago Pizzeria
Garlic Rolls from Manhattan Chicago Pizzeria
Chicken Wings from Manhattan Chicago Pizzeria
Chicken Wings

Both times we had the garlic rolls, which you should order. We tried the wings, and I found them slightly oily and not crispy enough.

I was this close to ordering a Meatball Parmesan Sub but was told by our waiter that the meatballs were not homemade, pass.

Chicago-style Pizza from Manhattan Chicago Pizzeria
Chicago-style Pizza
Cheese Pull at Manhattan Chicago Pizzeria
Cheese Pull
The cheese pull is insane
Chicago-style Pizza Slice from Manhattan Chicago Pizzeria
Chicago-style Pizza Slice

While promising, the Manhattan Margherita pie is no match for the Original Chicago with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, ground beef & Italian sausage. But, if you’re into pizza with cheese that can be best described as ooey and gooey, this is the pizza for you.

It’s a very rich-tasting pie. Unfortunately, about 90% of folks will have one slice and be down for the count. I had two slices on my second visit and didn’t have dinner that night. True story.


I returned a few weeks later and gave the meatballs a chance. They were ugly but great.

Meatballs from Manhattan Chicago Pizzeria

Manhattan Chicago Pizzeria Kendall
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Miami, FL
(305) 595-5885

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