Meat District Shaq Half Pound Burgers

I do 99.9% of my grocery shopping online at Walmart. I’m constantly searching for new products to try, particularly celebrity-endorsed food. While looking for burgers, which are always my first priority, I came across the Meat District Shaq Half Pound Burgers. Of course, I added them to my cart instantly.

The following day, I drove over and picked up my order. When I got home and checked it, one item was missing. You guessed it: Meat District Shaq Half Pound Burgers.

Attempt number two would not be until the following week. At last, Meat District Shaq Half Pound Burgers were secured.

I see two selling points on the box: The patties are half-pound and 100% Angus beef. Shaq is not really a selling point, but then again, it’s why I bought it…so I guess it is.

Meat District Nutrition Facts

Meat District Shaq Frozen Burgers Nutrition Facts
Nutrition Facts

What I Used to Make the Meat District Shaq Burger

As I mentioned earlier, I shop for groceries at Walmart. I used the same food items and equipment below to make my Meat District Shaq Half Pound Burger.

  1. Meat District Shaq Frozen Burgers
  2. Carote None Stick Frying Pan
  3. Great Value Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  4. Wonder Bread Classic Hamburger Buns
  5. Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven
  6. Great Value Ketchup
  7. Great Value Yellow Mustard
  8. Hellmann’s Mayo
  9. Great Value Deluxe American Cheese

Cooking Instructions

The box includes instructions for making the burgers on a grill and stovetop or griddle. Since I’m not good at following rules, I used a pan and an air fryer instead.


Preheat The Grill To Medium-High Heat. Cook Patties On The Grill For 22 To 26 Minutes, Turning Patties Every 3 To 5 Minutes. Cook Until Minimum Internal Temperature Of 160°F.

Stove Top

Preheat The Skillet To Medium-High Heat. Add 1 Tablespoon Of Oil. Cook the Patties On The Skillet For 22 to 24 Minutes, Turning them every 3 to 5 Minutes. Cook Until they reach a Minimum Internal Temperature Of 160°F.

How I Made It

I put one of the half-pound burgers just out of the freezer in a preheated pan with some extra virgin olive oil, not a lot, but enough to cover the pan. After adding salt and pepper, I covered it with a lid.

Meat District Shaq Frozen Burger Patty
Frozen Burger Patty

After pulling out my good china, I opened a hamburger bun and dressed it with the fast food trinity of sauces. Now, taking a second look at my masterpiece, I see that it looks like a warped Mickey Mouse.

I don’t like to constantly flip burgers when cooking them, so this fella got one flip after six to seven minutes. This picture was taken before I flipped it.

Meat District Shaq Burger Patty Cooking in Pan
Burger Patty Cooking

Once flipped, remember to cover it again. Five minutes later, I moved the burger patty to my preheated air fryer, which was at 400 degrees. Now we’re in the final stretch.

After 8 minutes in the air fryer, we’re back to the pan, where I add two slices of deluxe American cheese. Then, cover to melt the cheese to your desired meltiness.

Cheese Melting on the Meat District Shaq Burger
Cheese Melting

Place your beauty on your dressed hamburger bun and admire your creation. I admired mine.

I will need to mess around with the times a little bit to get closer to medium temperature. My cheeseburger turned out to be still juicy and cooked just under medium-well.

Meat District Shaq Cheese Burger Bite
Cheese Burger Bite

I was pleasantly surprised by the flavor and grind of the Meat District Shaq Half Pound Burger. It was a little on the coarser side, which I prefer.

Four come in a box, so I’ve got three more to make. I think the next one will get the standard pickles, mustard, and onions treatment. If I don’t get caught up in the moment, I’ll take a picture and add it to this gallery.

In the meantime, if you’re wondering if you should buy the Meat District Shaq Half Pound Burgers, this Burger Beast answers with a resounding YES!

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Meat District Fresh Beef Shaq Burgers

Meat District Shaq Fresh Burgers Box
Meat District Shaq Fresh Burgers Box

Apparently, there is a fresh beef version of the Meat District Shaq Half Pound Burgers. Has anyone seen these out in the wild?

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