Night Owl Cookies in North Miami, Westchester & Wynwood

Before Night Owl Cookies‘ current tagline of “Hella Fresh,” they had a cheezy tagline like, They’re a Hoot! I might be remembering it slightly wrong, but I’m positive that I’m close. Since their launch out of Andrew’s (founder of the cookie empire) home in 2013, Night Owl Cookies has exploded in popularity.

In addition to their original location in Westchester, there are two more outposts in North Miami and the recently opened shop in Wynwood.

At my 2015 Burgie Awards, Night Owl Cookies would win Best Dessert when the company was barely a year and a half old. I always remember how much that fan-voted award meant to Andrew that night.

The accolades they’ve received over the years are too many to post about, but nothing in comparison to how great these cookies are right out of the oven. I know you might be tempted to get them delivered, but at least attempt to pick them directly from one of their stores.

Would you mind scrolling to the bottom of this page to read my original post from September 16th, 2013?

Night Owl Cookies in Wynwood

Neon Wall at Night Owl Cookies
Neon Wall
Night Owl Cookies Wynwood Order Counter
Wynwood Order Counter
Sprinkles Table from Night Owl Cookies in Wynwood
Sprinkles Table
Box of Night Owl Cookies from their Wynwood location
Box of Night Owl Cookies
Night Owl Cookies Neon Sign Cookies
Cookies under the Neon
Restrooms at Night Owl Cookies Wynwood
Night Owl Cookies Box of Cookies
Box of Cookies
Another Box of Cookies
Another Box of Cookies
S'mores Cookie
S’mores Cookie
Cookies & Cream
Cookies & Cream
Chocolate Peanut Butter
Chocolate Peanut Butter
Fruity Pebbles Cookie
Rainbow Over Bedrock Cookie
Ave Maria Cookie
Ave Maria Cookie
Birthday Cake Cookie
Birthday Cake Cookie
M&Ms Cookie
M&Ms Cookie

Original Night Owl Cookie Post on Burger Beast

Night Owl Cookies Box
Night Owl Cookies Original Box

September 16th, 2013 – A few weeks ago, I came across Night Owl Cookie Company online, and I thought, what a great idea. I figured I would wait for the right opportunity to order from them.

Last night my wife Marcela was out with our friend Yislin at the Depeche Mode concert, leaving me alone at home with ideas of cookies dancing in my head.

I placed my order with them about 15 minutes before Dexter started. Unfortunately, the weather was horrible out, and I was expecting a call at some point to let me know that they would not be able to make the delivery.

Luckily that call never came. Instead, the cookies arrived about halfway through Ray Donovan. Dexter & Ray Donovan are two TV shows if you’ve no clue what I’m talking about.

Super Excited about Night Owl Cookies

I can’t remember the last time I was this excited about something being delivered to my house. I considered doing a cartwheel but didn’t want to do irreparable damage to my shoulders & arms.

The cookies were nice & warm. I added a gallon of chocolate milk to the order for good measure. The smells made me want to bite into the actual boxes of baked goodness.

I made it through 3 cookies (cheesecake, salty monkey & triple chocolate chunk) before I went into a sugar coma. So I would have to give the cheesecake cookie the slight edge as the best of the 3.

The cookies are $1.75 each, and there are 25 to choose from with a $10 delivery minimum. Unfortunately, Night Owl was sold out of the Buncha Crunch cookie by the time I placed my order.

But what really kills me is that I just noticed they also make glazed donuts too. I gotta check my calendar and see when my wife’s next ladies night is.

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