Odaly’s Delight Cafe – Westchester, Florida

Odaly’s Delight Cafe is what I would classify as a hidden gem. ODC is tucked away in the back corner of a strip mall in Westchester, the last place I’d be looking to eat at. Its hours (Monday through Friday from 7AM-4PM) exist only as a necessity due to its almost secret spot.

There are daily specials, catering and cantinas (daily prepped food delivery) if that’s your thing.

A lesser restaurant or cafe in its same position would just use inferior and frozen ingredients but not Odaly’s Delight Cafe. I’ve stopped in a good 3 times and have not been disappointed with anything I’ve eaten.

Odaly’s Delight Cafe Menu Page 1 (click to enlarge)

Odaly’s Delight Cafe Menu Page 2 (click to enlarge)

The finger foods at Cuban caf├ęs/restaurants are generally a good litmus test to see whether you’ve got a winner or a dud on your hands. The Ham Croquetas are made in-house and served with a perfect mayo-based dipping sauce, the ingredients to the Empanadas didn’t taste like the same leftover meat used at other places and the fact that there are *Disco Voladores (Flying Saucer Sandwiches) on the menu made my day. All were excellent by the way.

If you like sweet AND tart their housemade Lemonade would be up your alley. It was the perfect palate cleanser before the entrees came out.

The Pan con Bistec (Steak Sandwich) is a “Top 5” in Miami kinda sandwich, I’m not kidding. I liked the Chicken “Burger” and it was a good idea that I think seemed to be missing something, maybe a dip in a Buffalo Hot Sauce?

The Monster Burger was so great that I asked Odaly’s Delight Cafe to participate in my yearly Burger competition for 2018, Hamburger House Party. My friend Mark who was with me that day hasn’t stopped raving about it.

The Chicken Fajitas which were actually more like a Stir-fry tossed in Soy Sauce was very good. Someone called me out on Facebook after posting the picture for choosing the Mashed Potatoes for one of my sides but I can’t help that I have a potato weakness.

Oh man and that Bistec ala Milanesa de Pollo (Breaded Boneless Chicken topped with Cheese & Sauce) with Moros (Black Beans & Rice) and Tostones (Fried Plantains) were just the most perfect lunch I’ve had in a long time.

The Ham Croquetas from Odaly's Delight Cafe


Beef Empanada

Ham & Cheese Disco Volador

Lemonade made fresh

Pan con Bistec

Chicken Burger

Monster CheeseBurger

Chicken “Fajitas”

Mashed Potatoes


Pollo ala Milanesa, Moros, and Tostones

Pollo ala Milanesa, Moros, and Tostones

I was pretty stuffed but saved a tiny bit of room for a Cafecito (Cuban Coffee) and Torrejas, the Cuban equivalent of French Toast. If you do not like sweet then stay away from the Torrejas.


Torrejas aka Cuban French Toast

Here’s to hoping Odaly’s Delight Cafe is able to expand their hours this year since it would be a crime that more people are not able to try their food. In the meantime, there is delivery to hold you over til then.

Hidden but Great:

Odaly’s Delight Cafe
9754 SW 24th St Miami, FL 33165

*Disco Voladores is something that originated in Cuba. I’ve been eating Discos since I was a kid. It’s a sandwich that is heated in a round contraption that gives it the look of a “Flying Saucer” or a Disco Volador” in Spanish.

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