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PDQ Chicken whose mottos are People Dedicated to Quality and Pretty Darn Quick is a chain of chicken tender restaurants from one of the founders of Outback Steakhouse.

The Outback connection explains the similarities of their honey mustard, sweet sriracha and ranch sauces to the Outback of old.


The drive-thru was a little bit different of an experience for me where you’re face to face with the person taking your order.

I felt some extra pressure to know what I wanted just because she was right in front of me or maybe because I wasn’t familiar with the menu.

I drive to the next window after paying, and a few minutes later, I’m on my way with my food.


At this point, I’ve eaten from 4 different PDQs (Flagler, Ft. Lauderdale, Oakland Park & Wellington) throughout South Florida now, and I can unequivocally say they’re 100% consistent.

I’ve enjoyed the chicken tenders and the spicy buffalo tenders sandwich at every location.

The fresh-squeezed lemonade is also part of my regular order.

I recently had lunch at the PDQ in Sweetwater (on Flagler & 101st) with my parents.

I didn’t order any of the fresh-baked chocolate chunk cookies but did take home a Heath Milkshake for my wife and the seasonal special apple pie shake.

PDQ uses those thick straws, and after putting my mouth muscles to work on the shake, I can see why.

Great little chunks of apple would come through; it’s the equivalent of a 3D movie in shake form.

It doesn’t even matter if my last comment made any sense to you; if you love chicken, then you’ll love PDQ.

Do it to it.


PDQ Menu
PDQ Menu Page 1
Menu Page 2
Menu Page 2
Cup on branded table
PDQ Lime Corn
PDQ Lime Corn
Buffy Bleu Sandwich
Buffy Bleu Sandwich
PDQ Honey Mustard
Honey Mustard
Sweet Sriracha Sauce
Sweet Sriracha
PDQ Trio of Tenders
Trio of Tenders

Chicken Lovers Unite:

10121 West Flagler Street
Miami, Florida

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