Sam’s Super Burger – Grand Bay, Alabama

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During our road trip from Miami to Mississippi, we occasionally need to stop for gas. I prefer that the stops coincide with a town that has a locally owned burger joint. On the drive’s last leg, we stopped at Sam’s Super Burger (8789 Grand Bay Wilmer Rd S) in Grand Bay, Alabama.

After thoroughly thinking it out, my order consists of a Super Burger Double with cheese (w/fries & drink), a Super Dog, & 3 fresh chicken tenders. I was excited to see the branded cup with the Sam’s Super Burger logo, which I tried to keep (for my Burger Museum collection). Unfortunately, I lost it in Oxford, Mississippi, when it rolled under my car into oblivion.

The Super Dog had slaw, sauerkraut, chili, cheese, onion, and yellow mustard. I’m not a Sauerkraut fan, so I’m not sure why I ordered this other than to have their signature hot dog. I’d typically eat a chili dog with onions and yellow mustard. However, the flavors jelled well, and I’ve got to imagine this is a popular dish here.

I’ve been on a chicken tenders kick for the last year or so. Sam Super Burgers’ boneless chicken ranks right up with some of the best. They were not some prepackaged deal but made in-house, and you could taste that. I was in a no-sharing zone with these dudes.

The fries were cooked slightly less than I would have liked, but it’s something that I found all around the South (Northern Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee & now Alabama). So it must be a “thing” here.

The bread was toasted, the cheese was melted, and it’s a Super Burger. Besides looking like a million bucks, the burger was excellent. I spoke to the owner when I placed my order, and he mentioned that they use Midwestern Black Angus Chuck to make their burgers.

I’m sure there was plenty of love in there, too, cause I felt it, and I’m still reciprocating now.

Sam’s Super Burger Menu

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Sam’s Super Burger Food Pictures

Sam’s Super Burger Drink Cup
Super Dog & Chicken Tenders
Chicken Tenders
Super Dog
Super Burger Double w/Cheese
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  1. I love Sam’s!!! Especially the soft fries!!! Maybe it is a southern thing. :). Their sweet tea is awesome too. 🙂


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