SLIDER KING is Here At Last!

These mini burgers from Slider King are ten years in the making! Back in 2012, during the height of the popularity of food trucks in Miami, Slider King popped up on my Twitter radar, but the mobile eatery never launched.

So, imagine my surprise when I saw that same Slider King logo on Instagram a few weeks back.

They are double-smashed cheese sliders with onions similar to Jersey-style sliders like White Manna and White Rose. If you loved the award-winning Jersey Dawg food truck, these hamburgs are brothers from another mother.

I tried the classic, classic with ketchup & mustard, another with chipotle sauce, and one with a spicy Nia sauce. You may be inclined to get them sauced up, but don’t do it; they are perfect with only cheese and onion. All the burgs come on Martin’s Potato Rolls.

Slider King Cheese Slider
Cheese Slider by Slider King
Miami Slider King Fresh-cut French Fries
Fresh-cut French Fries

I also tried the fresh-cut fries, which were also fantastic. They brought me back to my childhood and the fries my mom made for my sister & me.

Slider King is soft-launching on Uber Eats in Coral Gables on Saturday, December 10th, 2022, from 12-5 PM. Sliders will be available in packs of two when you order.

There are no plans for a physical location, but at least Slider King is here, and it was worth the wait!

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