Super Subs Etc. is My Go-To Sub Shop in Miami

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Someone told me yesterday, “Let me introduce you to an amazing sub shop.” Even though I don’t remember who that person was, Super Subs Etc is one of the all-time best recommendations I’ve ever received.

More than 20 years later, I still believe Super Subs Etc (6380 Bird Road) is the best sub shop in Miami. I have never had a bad experience here, and everyone is super friendly. Unfortunately, Marcela isn’t much of a hot subs person. Usually, I’m going solo or bringing back a couple of subs for my parents.

Super Subs Etc 2009 Pictures

Super Subs Etc. Owners
Super Subs Etc Owners – cell phone picture from June 2009
Order Here
Order Here – Cell phone picture from June 2009
Old Door Design
Door Design – cell phone picture from September 2009
Original Outside of Super Subs Etc.
Outside of Super Subs Etc – cell phone picture from October 2009

My mother is a fan of Italian Subs, so take a wild guess what she had. She loved it, and I wasn’t surprised. My dad had the cheesesteak, which always seems to have a smokey, meaty flavor.

Pop’s cheesesteak is pretty damn near perfect. But, again, I said this is a cheesesteak, not a Philly Cheesesteak, before any of you purists start shouting from the rooftops!

Cheeseburger Sub Talk

I tend to alternate between ordering a cheesesteak or cheeseburger sub. The standard cheeseburger sub comes with American cheese and the toppings of your choice. The grilled onions and semi-crispy bacon are my usual suspects.

Yes, I know, the burger is of the boxed frozen variety, but somehow it works. Although, of course, I did grow up eating those at home, so maybe there is a tiny bit of nostalgia tied to it too.

It has the same underlying smokey flavor as the cheesesteak, and it’s just plain addictive. Lastly, I like to add the fast-food sauce trinity of ketchup, mustard & mayo.

Occasionally, I order a little lighter fare like the grilled chicken & onions sub. There are about 100 different subs at Super Subs Etc. So I skip out on the fries on those days.

Speaking of their french fries (seasoned fries are also available), make sure you ask for the nacho cheese dipping sauce and ensure it’s hot.

I can’t heap enough praise on Super Subs Etc. In the sub-category in Miami, they are tops. There are also Hungry Bear Sub Shops (Doral & Kendall), but they are sister restaurants. They are brother and sister owned, believe it or not.

Super Subs Etc. Door
Newer Door Design – picture from April 2015

Super Subs Etc Food Pictures

Super Subs Etc. Menuboard
Super Subs Etc Menuboard
Fries with Cheese
Fries with Cheese
Seasoned Fries with Cheese
Seasoned Fries with Cheese
Steak & Egg Subs
Steak & Egg Subs
Grilled Chicken with Onions
Grilled Chicken with Onions
Steak & Potato Subs
Steak & Potato Subs
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