A Few Rainy Days in Tampa for Great Restaurants

My reason for the quick trip to Tampa, Florida, was to visit the Goody Goody restaurant on the 5th anniversary of its rebirth. Marcela and I were there for two things: Food (Me + kinda her) and Antiquing (Her + kinda me).

It rained every day, but we were taking it easy. Our Airbnb was just about a mile from LA Segunda, so that first morning, our breakfast had already been decided.

The restaurants are listed in alphabetical order so that they’re easier to find, and while we’re at it, let’s throw one of those tables of contents below.

Angelito’s at La Caridad Bakery

Angelito's at La Caridad Bakery in Tampa
Angelito’s at La Caridad Bakery in Tampa, Florida

When a fella on Twitter mentioned a Miami-style Cuban bakery in Tampa, we were out and about. So the next stop instantly became Angelito’s at La Caridad Bakery.

The pastelitos from Angelito’s at La Caridad Bakery are identical in style and taste to his cousins from Miami. The inside of it has 1980s Miami Cuban Bakery vibes; it’s my kinda place.

Angelito's at La Caridad Bakery Pastelito Box
Angelito’s at La Caridad Bakery Pastelito Box

Angelito’s at La Caridad Bakery
4425 W Hillsborough Avenue
Tampa, FL
(813) 884-2822

The Boozy Pig

Chef Richard Hales (who now lives in Tampa) had eaten breakfast with us at Goody Goody the day before. He suggested I hit up the Boozy Pig, so I did.

Marcela had left early, so I was trapped at home watching TV. I’m not complaining, but it left me ordering delivery. It’s not my preferred method on the first try at a new restaurant.

🥪  El Mixto: Housemade salami cotto, smoked ham, mojo pork, Swiss cheese, pickles, roasted garlic & mustard aioli on pressed LA Segunda Bakery bread.

Boozy Pig Mixto Sandwich
Mixto Sandwich

🍔 Boozy Burger: Two 4 oz. grass-fed house-ground beef patties with blue cheese, bacon jam, caramelized onions & arugula on toasted brioche.

Boozy Pig Burger
Boozy Pig Burger

Ultimately, it made no difference. The bread on El Mixto was still crusty from the press, and the bun from my burger did not get steamed.

The Boozy Pig is at the top of my list on my next visit to Tampa-area restaurants. Eat-in only.

Boozy Pig
3255 W Cypress Street
Tampa, FL
(813) 488-5333


Cappy's in Tampa
Cappy’s in Tampa

The last time we ate Chicago-style deep-dish pizza at Cappy’s was in 2012; time flies. But the sauce was as great as I remembered it.

I was at our temporary HQ in TV zombie mode when Marcela showed up with Cappy’s. Time stood still as the pizza box was opened to reveal this beauty.

Cappy's Chicago-style Deep Dish Pie
Cappy’s Chicago-style Deep Dish Pie
Slice of Cappy's Chicago-style Deep Dish Pie
Slice of Cappy’s Chicago-style Deep Dish Pie

It was so freakin’ good.

4910 N Florida Avenue
Tampa, FL
(813) 238-1516

Flan Factory

Flan Factory in Tampa  Olga's Original
Olga’s Original Flan, Still Covered

This was my Instagram comment:

Olga’s Original 🍮 from Flan Factory in Tampa was 🔥 #supercreamyflan

I stand by my statement.

Flan Factory in Tampa  Olga's Original
Top Shot
Flan Factory in Tampa  Olga's Original
Flan Factory in Tampa  Olga's Original
Flan Factory Olga’s Original

Flan Factory
1718 N Nebraska Avenue
Tampa, FL 33602
(813) 402-2400

Goody Goody Burger

Every visit to the Tampa area is not complete until there is a stop at Goody Goody restaurant. We met up with Chef Richard Hales and Jeff Houck, co-author of the upcoming book The Cuban Sandwich: A History in Layers.

They kept it breakfast-y, but I went straight for the Patty Melt (sauteed onions & Swiss cheese on marbled rye) with their hand-breaded onion rings. They nailed it.

Another must-have is their signature dessert, the Butterscotch pie. Don’t like butterscotch? Neither do I, but I love this thing.

Thank you 🙏 to Goody Goody for all the hospitality; you always treat this BEAST well.

Goody Goody Burger Butterscotch Pie
Butterscotch Pie

Goody Goody Burger
1601 W Swann Avenue
Tampa, FL
(813) 308-1925

La Segunda Bakery

La Segunda Bakery in Ybor City

I just had to have the breakfast sandwich from La Segunda in Ybor City. It was our first morning in town, and it needed to start right at a Cuban Bakery.

Their crusty bread houses scrambled eggs, cheese, and bacon. Plus, the sammy is served on my favorite Cuban bread on earth; there, I said it!

La Segunda Bakery Breakfast Sandwich
Breakfast Sandwich

La Segunda Bakery
2512 N 15th Street
Tampa, FL
(813) 248-1531

Jeremiah’s Italian Ice

Jeremiah's Italian Ice in Longwood, Florida
Jeremiah’s Italian Ice

On the drive up, we made a detour to see our bud Droolius. He was at Jeremiah’s Italian Ice in Longwood, Florida.

We were happy to see him but even happier to find out that we’re now all about the Orange Smash & Vanilla Gelati! 

Jeremiah’s Italian Ice
2491 W State Rd 434
Longwood, FL 32779
(321) 972-9911

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