Trackside Donuts & Cafe in Bonita Springs

You’ve never heard of Trackside Donuts and Cafe (28001 Old US 41) in Bonita Springs? They’ve been located just outside the Naples-Fort Myers track & poker room for ten years.

I have curated a few food truck events at the racetrack over the years, which is how Trackside Donuts came to my attention. The first couple of times I tried to visit, they were either closed or sold out. They keep pretty strict hours (6 AM-2 PM) over there.

Trackside Donuts isn’t only about those delicious sugar rings. They also serve breakfast. However, you’d have to be crazy to come here and not have one of their fresh donuts.

I’ll save you the trouble of figuring which is the donut to get. Start with a glazed, which is the proper way to gauge how good the doughnuts you’re about to eat are. *The must-have is the apple fritter.

I know what you’re going to tell me, either you don’t like apples, or it’s too big. Throw those flaky thoughts out the window and enjoy the most unbelievable apple fritter you may have in your life.

No, really, it’s that good.

Trackside Donuts Display
Donut Display
Box of Trackside Donuts
Can you tell my family loves the Glazed?
Apple Fritter
Apple Fritter

*You will find that I always think the apple fritter is the one to get at any donut shop I visit.

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