Whisk Gourmet Food and Catering in South Miami

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Last Friday, I ordered a burger from Whisk. I have always heard good things about their burgers. The cool thing about Whisk (7382 SW 56th Ave, South Miami) is that burgers are only served on Fridays. They are in limited supply, and every week it’s got different toppings on it.

That’s a great way to keep everyone interested in eating there. Just a couple of days ago, my friend JC ate a burger from Whisk, the Blue Smoke, to be exact. He knew I had eaten a Friday Whisk burger last week, but our conversation never progressed past that point.

He emailed me…

The Blue Smoke was smothered with generous amounts of caramelized onion jam and blue cheese and topped by two thick-cut smoked bacon slices. The bread was slathered with tarragon mustard. That’s medium but on the rare side. Good thing I like it on the bloody side. It was exceptional, cooked perfectly. I love the burgers from this place. Whisk is my #1, no doubt about it.

What did u have last week?

And this will be my response; well, actually, he’s going to read it right here…

I’m not gonna lie, your burger sounds better than the one I had, but that’s also because yours had bacon. I had the pimento cheeseburger with aged cheddar, pimentos, grilled Spanish onion (I want to see some papers), lettuce, and tomato on an onion challah bun. Excluding the lettuce and tomato, which I can always do without, I loved this guy. For a while, I was so focused on only the beef flavor that I lost out on the greatness of toppings. The toppings are really what puts the Whisk burger over the top. You didn’t mention their fresh potato chips, always a nice touch.

*This was written when Whisk was located at 4702 S. LeJeune in Coral Gables

Whisk Gourmet Food Pictures

Whisk Cornbread
Whisk Pimento Cheese
Pimento Cheese
Whisk Bell & Evans Fried Chicken
Bell & Evans Fried Chicken
Whisk Roasted Turkey Sandwich
Roasted Turkey Sandwich
Whisk Hawaiian Burger
Hawaiian Burger (8oz sirloin patty, lettuce, tomato, caramelized onions, grilled country ham, Swiss cheese, pineapple chutney & mayo on toasted sesame bun with house chips)

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