Sergio’s in Miami, Florida

I remember the first time I heard of Sergio’s. It was the early ’90s and my sister & her friends would go there late at night on the weekend to get Cafe con Leche (Cuban coffee with steamed milk). I had already made it out in my head to be this place where all these hipster kids would hang late and talk about how bad they had it but I was the one who had it wrong. I ate there with her one time and I was hooked.

Sergio’s is a restaurant that serves Cuban comfort food and in rather generous portions. There are 2 reasons I eat here:  the Croquetas and the Pan con Tortilla (Omelette Sandwich with Onions, Ham and Swiss Cheese).


Pan con Tortilla

If you’re into Croquetas, these are one of my favorites in Miami. The Pan con Tortilla is massive and enough to share.  This is as good of an Omelette Sandwich as you’re ever gonna have.

There is a Frita on Sergio’s menu and it’s a bit of a let down. It pains me to say that because I love this place. All the right toppings were there: Onions, Ketchup and wait a second….canned Potato Sticks. Yeah, that’s a big no-no, either you go the fresh julienne potatoes route or go home. It just did not add up to a good Frita. I just didn’t like the seasoning of the meat either. It could be a good thing though which means I’ll always get the Pan con Tortilla whenever I eat there. UPDATE: Sergio’s changed their Fritas


And don’t forget to get a shot of Cuban coffee on your way out.

3252 Coral Way
Miami, Fl

  • Ceasetodream

    Dude, I hate to do this to you but about 3 weeks ago a group of about 12 of us were at Sergio’s when some nasty shit went down involving a big, healthy looking roach. I’ll never eat there again….nasty shit.

  • Carlos Miller

    If you want fritas, go to La Palma on Calle Ocho and 62nd Ave. Open all night and they actually use Cuban buns instead of regular hamburger buns the way Sergio’s does for their fritas.

    But Sergio’s serves some decent burgers. Charbroiled on a kaiser bun. Surprising for a Cuban restaurant. Much better than the fritas.

  • Carlos Miller

    OK, I spoke too soon. Just saw that you reviewed it.

    La Palma is one of my old-school institutions.

    I think their croquetas are better than you say.

    They are owned by Felipe Vals, who owns La Carreta and Versailles, so the croquetas are the same in all three restaurants.

    I think you should review Sarussi’s on Calle Ocho. Not for their burgers but for their Cuban sandwiches.

  • Anonymous

    Wow Sarussi!

    My dad use to go there in the 70's.
    (or so my mom says)

    Still have not tried La Palma