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If there’s one reason alone to eat at Sports Grill, it’s their Wings. When I first got into eating Chicken Wings, Hooters was my main stop but once I tasted a Special Grilled Wing at Sports Grill I was hooked. I can now appreciate each on their own merits but for a while it had to be the Special Grilled or no Wing at all.

It had been awhile since my last Special Grilled so my wife Marcela and I hit up the famed Sports Grill. For starters we order the breaded Garlic Mushrooms and an order of Chili Cheese Fries. The Garlic Mushrooms are good but are definitely of the packaged variety.

Garlic Mushrooms

The Chili Cheese Fries while good by bar standards, I like because of the Fries not the Chili. The Cheese is the canned Nacho Cheese kind.

Chili Cheese Fries

Wing time: 10 of the Buffalo Style and 10 of the Special Grilled should be enough. We like the Buffalo style but the Special Grilled are always as good as I remember them.

Buffalo Style Wings
Special Grilled

There’s also the Miami Heats which I don’t suggest because they’re extremely hot. So you get an idea, scotch bonnets are part of the sauce. I heard the trick for the Special Grilled is they’re fried, tossed in Buffalo Sauce, grilled and then some Worcestershire is brushed on them. It works.

Marcela orders the Tuna Melt which she swears by, as does my family. She is not allowed to kiss me for a full 6 hours after eating this as I hate Tuna.

Tuna Melt w/Chips

I had the Sports Burger with Bacon, Swiss Cheese and some Mayo.

Cheese Burger w/Swiss

It’s good. It’s what I’d call a standard bar burger and there’s really nothing wrong with that tag. At least I don’t think so, although they might.

Wings For All:

Sports Grill
Facebook: Sports Grill
Twitter: @SportsGrill
10005 Sunset Drive, Kendall, FL

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  • Vicki

    Will definitely try Sports Grill after reading this post, YUM! You guys should do a piece on Burger Lounge in San Diego, CA; it's really booming among San Diegans right now. Burgers are made with grass-fed animals…and so thick and juicy!!! Definitely Burger Beast worthy 🙂

  • Edric

    Sports Grill is great if you like feathers on your wings. Best thing about this place is the tuna melt and the exit.

  • Alej.

    Had the tuna melt this weekend, and it was good. I learned that the cheddar cheese sauce used as a topping on the fries comes from a can, so I'd avoid it.

  • The Wayfarer

    My colleagues visited the Sports Grill this past October on the recommendation of a friend. I have to admit I was very impressed with the wings, especially the Special Grilled. Really, really excellent wings, and meaty, too. We ordered burgers also, which were decent enough but nothing special. Would definitely go back for the wings. Recommended.

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