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Ernesto’s Taco Shop – Cutler Bay, Florida

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Ernesto's Taco Shop - Cutler Bay, Florida

A friend on mine loves Ernesto’s Taco Shop in Cutler Bay and asked that I meet her here for a late lunch. She claimed to have a surprise for me. As I walk up the door I see the surprise is, the old 1940s/1950s terrazzo floor from Royal Castle is still intact at Ernesto’s. Wow, what a find and it’s a beauty.

Royal Castle at Ernesto's
Royal Castle at Ernesto’s

Once inside I made my way to the Horchata machine. I’m not the biggest Horchata fan but a few sips and there are always nice surprises. Those sips usually come from my wife’s Horchata and since she wasn’t here, it meant I was going rice milk-less for the afternoon.


The Tortilla Chips did not appear to be of the freshly fried and made in house kind but they did their pre-lunch snacking job. I served myself a trio of their Salsas in those little paper sauce cups which I shall forever associate Wendy’s with.

Tortilla Chips
Tortilla Chips
Salsa Trio
Salsa Trio

She comes here for the Carnitas Tacos and I was feeling like a Taquito today. Her Carnitas looked and smelled good from where I was sitting. The Beef Taquitos were right on point, topped with melted finely shredded Cheese & a side of Sour Cream, not Crema this time.

Carnitas Taco
Carnitas Taco

If I lived n the neighborhood I could see myself stopping in here for a Taco fix and maybe an Horchata sip.

Ernesto’s Taco Shop
20095 S Dixie Hwy Cutler Bay, FL 33189

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