Bacon Waffle Cones And Bacon Maple Bourbon Ice Cream From Azucar In Little Havana

Azucar Bacon Cone

I’m not sure if you can even begin to imagine the intoxicating smell of fresh Bacon Waffle Cones being made. The Cones taste as good if not better than whatever you’re thinking. Then you add Azucar’s new flavor Cochino Borracho and you’re in salty sweet heaven. Cochino Borracho is Azucar’s homemade Vanilla Ice Cream mixed with Maple, Bourbon and Bacon from Miami Smokers, a local smokehouse which supplies Bacon to restaurants like Blue Collar and the Federal as well.

Azucar - Cochino Borracho

Can you say ridiculous Bacon? I think I just did.

Get Drunk on Bacon:

Azucar Ice Cream Company
Facebook: Azucar Ice Cream Company
Twitter: @AzucarIceCream
1503 SW 8th Street Miami, FL (Little Havana) 33135

Bacon Waffle Cones picture courtesy of Azucar Ice Cream Company

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