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The Grinder: Bill’s Bar And Burger’s Chef Brett Reichler

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I first met Chef Brett Reichler at the 2010 Burger Bash in SoBe where Bill’s Bar & Burger was competing for the top prize. That was the night their burger won my heart. A few months later, I found myself at Bill’s Bar & Burger in New York where I was again overwhelmed by this burger . Bill’s Bar & Burger will soon be opening its second location in Rockefeller Center this upcoming September (UPDATE: Yeah, it’s Open) but in the meantime, Chef Brett Reichler has agreed to be put through The Grinder:

BB: The perfect Burger, in your opinion is how many ounces?

BR: The truly perfect burger is more about bun to meat ratio than size…although size does matter, 5 ounces of meat is just enough

BB: Where would the Burger world be without Pat LaFrieda Wholesale Meat Purveyors ?

BR: Here is a guy who does it the old fashioned way… no short cuts just great ground beef.. Without him we may be in the frozen foods section. And that’s not a great place to be.

BB: How do you like your Burger?

BR: griddled & Caramelized, Salt and pepper and a slice of American cheese .

BB: Is New York the Burger capital of the world?

BR: This question can only get me in trouble and sounds like a set up, so Here goes. NY is the center of the world period… spoken lie a true NYer

BB: Does George Motz (known Burger authority and of Hamburger America fame) beg you for the recipe to your Burger at Bill’s?

BR: I cant imagine he needs my recipe..

BB: Have you ever exchanged a Burger for a back rub?

BR: If my wife is reading this NO!!!!

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