The Grinder originally started as a written Q&A with folks who were involved with Burgers. This new version is part interview and part roast. The 1st episode was filmed in my parent’s garage but the final four were filmed in the office at my home.

All guests do not know what exactly they are going to be asked or be put through. But hey, those are the breaks if you’re gonna be on the Grinder.

“maybe I even thought there was indeed some small possibility of a “good time”– but I surely had reason to know better. I did know better. But I walked straight into the grinder anyway.” – A.B.

Episode 5: 

About Mercy Gonzalez & El Rey de las Fritas:

I wrote a story for edible South Florida about the Frita Cubana. I interviewed Mercy Gonzalez and her husband Gino about El Rey de las Fritas for over 2 hours. We talked a bunch about the history of the Frita Cubana in Miami and how her late father Benito had started cooking them originally in Cuba. It was very fascinating for a frita fan like myself. What really caught my attention was her passion for the business that her father had instilled in her. She cares about her customers, about the product she sells and about doing everything just like her old man taught her. You possibly won’t meet a more honest and hard-working restaurant owner than Mercy Gonzalez. Oh and she’s also got a great sense of humor which is why I asked her to be on The Grinder.

Episode 4: 

About George Motz & Hamburger America:

I found out about George Motz through his documentary & book of the same name, Hamburger America. George was one of the first people I emailed when I started the Burger Beast blog and from there we became friends. I introduced him to the wonderful world of Fritas. He was instantly in love with them. George was in town filming the Travel Channel series Burger Land so he stopped into Burger Beast HQ for The Grinder.

Episode 3:

About Chef Richard Hales & Sakaya Kitchen:

I walked into Sakaya Kitchen in late May of 2010 not sure what to expect. It wasn’t until my second visit there that I met Chef Richard Hales. I fell in love with his food, in particular, the Bulgogi Burger and the Honey Orange Ribs. We talk about his growing empire but the persona behind the food is complex and very opinionated. It makes for another great episode of The Grinder.

Episode 2

About Lee Schrager & South Beach Wine & Food Festival:

Lee Schrager, the director of the South Beach and New York Wine & Food Festival and I bonded over our mutual love of Patty Melts while we were eating the worst potato pancakes of our lives. The next time we met he insisted that I have a quiche, which I did (and now love). But it’s his love of fried chicken that really fascinates me as you’ll find out on this episode of The Grinder.

Episode 1

About Nedal Ahmad & Pincho Factory:

I first ate at Pincho Factory in November of 2010. I also met owner Nedal Ahmad that same day when he offered to put ketchup on my hot dog. Since he introduced himself as originally from Chicago that would be a big no-no in that city. That one comment has caused him my never-ending torment. The rapport I built with him over the following years resulted in an invitation to be my first guest on The Grinder.

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