#AskBurgerBeast Column – Wednesday September 23rd, 2015

Last week on my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages I opened up the #AskBurgerBeast hashtag to folks who wanted to ask me anything.

Below are the real and honest answers to their questions.

Instagram Questions:

chrismac357: When are you gonna throw down an amateur burger battle with home cooks only?

Burger Beast: The plan is to add an Amateur Burger Competition to the Burger Beast Feast (formerly known as Burger Beast Burger Brawl) next May 2016.

porro92: How did you get the title burgerbeast

Burger Beast: Funny enough, my wife suggested the name for the blog. She said that I eat my Burgers like a Beast, a claim that she now denies ever making.

savorthemomentcatering: Best croqueta in Miami?! Anddd best pan con bistec in Miami?! 😇😀 thank you

Burger Beast: My favorite Croqueta is Islas Canarias. My favorite Pan con Bistec is Cuban Guys (only Onions & Mayo).

2chamzz: Best pizza in Miami. And how did growing up in wsetchesyer influence your taste buds

Burger Beast: I think that Pizza Johny’s makes the Best Pizza in Miami with Magic City Pizza and Little Louie’s Italian Grill in 2nd and 3rd. I’m not sure that it necessarily influenced my taste buds as much as my Cuban family did. It is a very unique part of Miami in that there’s a Cuban Bakery on almost every block and I certainly love that.

tjvillamil: For any other aspiring new media instagrammers and bloggers what are the keys to success?
tjvillamil: Also where in your opinion does miamis food scene go from here?

Burger Beast: I think that consistency and transparency. My goal is always to be 100% honest about everything. Also, give it your all, it may not show at first but it will eventually pay great dividends. I’m hoping that Miami’s Food Scene continues to promote local and homegrown Chefs and Brands instead of hyping a bunch of out-of-towners. I think the tide is turning towards that and it’s exciting.

mrgreiffenstein: In your opinion, where is the best pan con lechon in Miami? @burgerbeast

Burger Beast: You know I was a big Papo Llega y Pon fan but when I tried the Pan con Lechon from The Butcher Shop in Palmetto Bay, I was positive I found it.

cpfoodstation: When can you come and try our burgers? We love to get your opinion!

Burger Beast: Mi no speake de english.

dqtezt_8i8: What has been your worst food experience? @burgerbeast

Burger Beast: Bijans Burger Joint in Coral Gables. It was more disappointing than anything else since it had potential to be an excellent restaurant.

jmatos21: @burgerbeast what do you think you can throw farther a 1/4lb burger or 1/4 hotdog?

Burger Beast: I probably wouldn’t throw either without taking a bite first to make sure they were ready for travel. I’m thinking a Hot Dog if I use the javelin type technique from Revenge of the Nerds.

wilfsant24: Imagine you’re on death row. What would you choose as a last meal?

Burger Beast: I would ask Chef Phil Bryant to make me an order of Disco Fries, the Pulled Hen & Dumplings Soup with a Pimento Cheese Disco and wash it down with a cup of their Cola (they claim it’s Coca-Cola but I don’t believe it).

spideylikesburgers: @burgerbeast who’s your favorite superhero?

Burger Beast: Spider-Man of course.

averice: What the recipe for the fried shrimp from La Camaronera? #askburgerbeast
averice: @burgerbeast what food truck do you miss the most and what food truck do you wish would move to Tampa? #AskBurgerBeast
averice: @burgerbeast do you think Miami would benefit from a Christmas food truck event at southland mall? #AskBurgerBeast
averice: Could you get the Potoffe chips recipe? #AskBurgerBeast

Burger Beast: I’ll see what I can do about the recipes but as for the Fried Shrimp, check out the Diners, Drive-ins and Dives episode with them on it and they kinda go through the recipe. I miss The Flying Saucer Food Truck immensely but the guy who created all the dishes Adrian Sanchez is an integral part of Pincho Factory now which is good news for everyone. I’m not sure about the truck since I haven’t eaten from it in years but I wish the owner of Latin Burger would move back to where he came from. I think it sounds like @averice would benefit from a Christmas Food Truck Event at Southland Mall.

lobo2086: @burgerbeast I’m working on a coffee blog f#focusing the growing coffee houses here in mismi. What advice could you give me? Also, what is the one food you would NOT try? #AskBurgerBeast

Burger Beast: I would answer this question except I ran into you at Cafe Curuba in Coral Gables this morning and we had a pretty good conversation I thought.

berrythekid: What is the best hamburger-centric movie of all time?
berrythekid: The people need to know.
berrythekid: When you spoon in bed with your life sized Burger King doll, are you the big spoon or the little spoon?

Burger Beast: Hamburger The Motion Picture rules all burger films but you already know that. We normally take turns switching spots and sometimes the Hamburglar joins in, but you didn’t really need to know that.

secretcelluloidsociety: Who makes the best cuban bread in Miami? Also, who makes the best cafesito in Miami, so we can all dip the best bread in Miami in it (Once we find out what it is).

Burger Beast: I’m currently in love with the bread from BreadMan in Hialeah. My favorite Cafecito is probably Luis Galindo Latin American.

Facebook Questions:

George Hart: I love real smoked BBQ. My favorite spot is Tom Jenkins in Ft Lauderdale. I use to go to The Pit before they sold a few years back and hasn’t been the same. Any suggestions?

Burger Beast: Have you been to Shiver’s in Homestead or Blue Willy’s in Pompano Beach?

Nuada A Flagon: Why doesn’t West Palm Beach have the wonderful (ethnic) restaurants like Little Havana and Hialeah have? Only one I have been to in WPB is the Havana Cuban restaurant. Need more options up north. BTW thanks for the list of restaurants you made up.

Burger Beast: I’m gonna have to assume there isn’t enough of a concentration of Hispanics to sustain  a large variety of options.

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  1. Michael Campbell

    September 25, 2015 at 10:29 PM

    Thank you for the mention! (Shiver’s BBQ)