Pick Up Yer BEAST Box at Arbetter’s on April 9th

The last time Arbetter’s, Pastelito Papi, and I partnered up, it was a madhouse.

We’ve decided to give it another go, but this time in BEAST Box form, and we’ve roped in our friends from Johnnie’s Pit BBQ and Night Owl Cookies!

Everything already comes cooked, so the face stuffing can begin as soon as you can drive away from Arbetter’s.

You do not want to miss this BEAST Box.


You will show up at Arbetter Hot Dogs (8747 SW 40th Street) on Friday, April 9th, to pick up your BEAST Box. These are all of the delicious treats $75 gets you:

Some Food Pics

Arbetter's Sabrett Chili Dog
Arbetter’s Chili Dog
Arbetter Chili Cheese Fries
Arbetter’s Chili Cheese Fries
Burger Beast Burger Joint The Burger Beast
Burger Beast CheeseBurger
Johnnie’s Pit Beef N’ Cheddar
Johnnie’s Pit Beef N’ Cheddar
Burger Beast's Guava Sriracha Ketchup Popcorn
Burger Beast’s Guava Sriracha Ketchup Popcorn
Pastelito Papi's Beef Pastelito
A Pastelito Papi
Night Owl Cookies
Night Owl Cookies


The time to pick up your BEAST Box at Arbetter’s is from 9 – 10 PM on Friday, April 9th.

You never have to leave the comfort of your car.

We will check you in then bring your BEAST Box to you.

Then, you’re off to your home or wherever you plan to enjoy all the goodies.

A limited amount of these BEAST Boxes at Arbetter’s are available; then we’re SOLD OUT!

Pictures from the April 9th Event

Wrapped Johnnie's & Burger Beast Burgers
Wrapped Johnnie’s Pit Beef & Cheddar Sandwiches & Burger Beast Burgers
Pastelito Papi's Mamey & Queso Crema Pastelito
Pastelito Papi’s Mamey & Queso Crema Pastelito
Burger Beast Double CheeseBurgers
Pastelito Papi Gio Fesser in the background of some Burger Beast Double CheeseBurgers
David Arbetter hard at work
David Arbetter hard at work
David Arbetter & Johnnie's Pit BBQ Chefs Phil Bryant & Veronica Valdivia
David Arbetter & Johnnie’s Pit BBQ Chefs Phil Bryant & Veronica Valdivia
Night Owl Cookie Boxes
Night Owl Cookie Boxes
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