The Billy Burger from ITO Mojitos y Cafecitos in North Beach, Florida

ITO Mojitos & Cafecitos in North Beach, Florida

ITO Mojitos & Cafecitos is located at the bottom of a hotel in North Beach, with its parking area separating it from the beach. I like this part of Miami Beach, as it’s not filled with sunburned tourists. I sit at one of the outdoor tables, and without even thinking about it, I order one of each antojito or “appetizer” for those not hip to the lingo. I’m by myself, and I’d like to make it to the burger I ordered, so it’s a slow and easy time with the apps. Antojitos My thoughts on each one… Croquetas – So good I invited them to participate in the upcoming #SoBeWFF Croquetas and Champagne event Queso Frito (Fried Cheese) – Can’t-miss; not the first time I’ve had this combo, but it’s great Empanadas – Never had Aji Amarillo Chicken in Empanada form before; it works Yuca – Probably my least favorite of the five antojitos, but still pretty good …

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