Día y Noche Café en Hialeah

A few days ago, I found myself in Hialeah at 4 AM. After perusing all the overpriced delivery apps, I came across the open 24-hour Día y Noche Café.

The 25-minute drive sounded better than eating at Denny’s or IHOP. On the drive, I thought that as long as I ate a couple of croquetas and a cafe con leche, I would be satisfied.

Menu from Día y Noche Café in Hialeah, Florida
Menu Front

Let’s start with the empanadas, which appeared to be slightly undercooked. They were not raw, but more heat would have gone a long way.

Empanadas from Día y Noche Café in Hialeah, Florida

I preferred the ham & cheese over the beef, but they’re not anything I’d order again.

Ham Croquetas from Día y Noche Café in Hialeah, Florida
Ham Croquetas

Now, the croquetas were another story. These fellas are similar to the croqueta caseras from Pastelmania and Pinecrest Bakery. If you’re not a fan of those, you might skip them.

Pan con Tortilla from Día y Noche Café in Hialeah, Florida
Pan con Tortilla

The pan con tortilla was another winner. I asked for Swiss cheese, ham, and onions. The sandwich had a more than generous smearing of mayo.

Also, the Cuban bread was soft and made me think the croqueta preparada must be excellent.

Cafe con Leche from Día y Noche Café in Hialeah, Florida
Cafe con Leche

Everything was washed down with a cafe con leche oscuro with only the sugar from the café, the way it should be. A Frita Cubana was on the menu, but I wasn’t willing to pull the trigger on it so early in the morning.

Will I be back at Día y Noche Café? Definitely!

Día y Noche Café
2750 W 68th Street
Hialeah, FL
(786) 615-9992

Website – https://diaynochecafe.com
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/diaynochecafe

Monday OPEN 24 HOURS
Tuesday OPEN 24 HOURS
Wednesday OPEN 24 HOURS
Thursday OPEN 24 HOURS
Friday OPEN 24 HOURS
Saturday OPEN 24 HOURS
Sunday OPEN 24 HOURS

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