Dog 'n Suds - Muskegon, Michigan

Dog ‘n Suds in Muskegon & Montague, Michigan

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A few years back, I became friends with David Hosticka online. David owns the Dog ‘n Suds locations in Montague (which has been in the Hosticka family for over 50 years) & Muskegon, both in Michigan. 

David is also the authority when it comes to the history of Dog ‘n Suds; his knowledge came in very handy when I was writing my book All About The Burger.

He has also donated a bunch of DnS historical memorabilia to my Burger Museum, so thanks to him, it’s very well represented.


David Hosticka at Wiener Bash

In late 2017, I held my semi-annual event Wiener Bash, and David drove down to Miami, Florida, with wieners & coney sauce on dry ice to participate in the competition.

We had a great time, and I finally had the opportunity to try one of their famed Coney Dogs.

David Hosticka talk Dog ‘n Suds history & Wiener Bash

I knew that a visit to one of his Dog ‘n Suds was now absolutely mandatory.

When I began piecing together my road trip book signing itinerary, I knew in my Charco Broiled Burger heart that Dog ‘n Suds had to be one of the stops. I called David and ran the idea past him. He wholeheartedly agreed.

My wife Marcela and I finally had the opportunity to drop in, enjoy the ambiance, and marvel at the detail that he had put into making this Dog ‘n Suds a drive-in masterpiece. If that wasn’t enough, the food was killer too.

I can’t heap enough praise on that Charco Broiled Texas Burger with its American cheese, special sandwich sauce, and coney sauce on a perfectly toasted double-decker bun. What about the Coney Dog with its sweet & addictive coney sauce, mustard, and onions? Or how about the DnS Root Beer served in a frosty glass mug?

It was an experience of a lifetime. I just wish that there were still some Dog ‘n Suds locations in Miami like there were back in the 1960s.


Dog 'n Suds Muskegon, Michigan Menu
Muskegon, Michigan Menu


Frosty Root Beer
Cheese Curds
Corn Dog
Dog ‘n Suds Meal
Black Cherry Ice Cream Float
Cheeseburger & Black Cherry Ice Cream Float
French Fries with a side of Coney Sauce
Coney Dog with Onions & Mustard


Bacon Double Cheeseburger
BURGER NAMEBacon Double Cheeseburger
SIZETwo 3 oz patties
STANDARD TOPPINGSCheese, Bacon, Ketchup, Mustard, Pickle & Onion
Charco Broiled Texas Burger
BURGER NAMECharco Broiled Texas Burger
SIZETwo 3 oz patties
STANDARD TOPPINGSAmerican Cheese, Special Sauce, Lettuce & Coney Sauce on a Double Bun


Dog ‘n Suds Book Signing – Saturday, May 11th, 2019

One of the highlights of my All About the Burger book signing tour was that I finally met Troy Smith of Restaurant Rewind. He drove from Chicago, Illinois, for the signing.

We spent most of the afternoon discussing old restaurant chains in between the signings.

Marcela took a bunch of pictures of the restaurant portion of the Dog ‘n Suds Drive-In before the book signing started.

I hope you enjoy them.

Dine-In Area
Kitchen Area
Historical Memorabilia
Restaurant Rewind’s Troy Smith
Vintage Dog ‘n Suds Picture
Burger Beast signing his book “All About The Burger”
More Historical Memorabilia
Maria, Juliauna, Burger Beast & owner David Hosticka

Thank you to David Hosticka for all the hospitality. We hope to visit again very soon.

It would also be the perfect time to host a Wiener Bash in Michigan, but that’s a conversation for another day!

P.S.: Please visit David’s and my pet project, the Drive-In Restaurants with Car Hops across the U.S. page (click here).

We are trying to keep an accurate list of all operating Drive-Ins with carhops across the United States.

If you know of one that I did not list, please drop us a line and let me know!

Visit one of Hosticka’s DnS:

Dog ‘n Suds
4221 Grand Haven Road
Muskegon, Michigan 49441

Dog ‘n Suds
4454 Dowling St
Montague, Michigan 49437


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