SONIC in Hialeah Gardens, Florida

SONIC Drive-In History & Food Talk

If you lived in South Florida during the early 2000s, you remember being bombarded by SONIC Drive-In commercials on Comedy Central.

I was dying to try them.

In N Out Gainesville in the Independent Florida Gator 1978

Is there an In N Out in Gainesville, Florida?

Is there really an In-N-Out in Gainesville, Florida? Well, kinda; at one point, there were several locations.

I can confirm there was an In N’ Out, but it was not the celebrated and iconic brand from California

Morro Castle in Little Havana Frita Cubana

Frita Cubana Recipe + History

The Frita Cubana’s origin goes way back to 1920s Cuba when it was street food + I’ve included my Frita Cubana recipe for those who can’t find the real deal.