Father’s Day Burger BEAST Box is BACK!

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Anyone can be the recipient of my Burger BEAST Box Meal Kit! While I might not be a dad, I am a guy who’s received his fair share of crappy gifts.

All of the dads that I’m friends with talk about the pretty standard ties and socks they’re gifted throughout the holidays and anniversaries. I’m well aware that there are some terrible gift-givers out there, and you know who you are!

Two years ago for Valentine’s Day would have been the original launch of the Burger BEAST Box, but you know how things are; life happens. Flash forward to last year, and I find myself with time to think and plan, and voila, the first Burger BEAST Box was born.

I wanted to ensure that it was not only an excellent gift for someone who loves burgers but that the Burger BEAST Box features brands and businesses that I enjoy.

Burger BEAST Box for Father's Day 2021
Burger BEAST Box for Father’s Day

A giant thank you to everyone who ordered all the boxes last year (Father’s Day, July 4th, Labor Day, 305 Snacks Box, Croqueta Palooza Box, BEASTmas Box & Miami Food Box. I do appreciate you.

The Father’s Day Burger BEAST Box is back by popular demand for 2021. I have gone all out putting together a box that any Burger Beast fan would be ecstatic to call their own.

Now, all you have to do is harass your loved one to surprise you with one. Or, you can always treat yourself to one; that works too!

What’s in this year’s Father’s Day Burger BEAST Box?

Inside the Burger BEAST Box
Guava Sriracha Ketchup is an optional add on
  • 8 quarter-pound custom blend (chuck, brisket & sirloin) fresh beef burgers from Sunshine Provisions
  • 8 slices of Babe’s Meat & Counter Bacon
  • Tillamook Sharp Cheddar Cheese, eight slices
  • A pack of Martin’s Sandwich Potato Rolls
  • Fripper’s Cheddarwurst Smoked Sausage Due to a Fed Ex Mishap, It will be their Beer Brats
  • Tony’s Chocolonely Milk Chocolate Bar
  • Tony’s Chocolonely Milk Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt Bar
  • 4 Pack of Glass Bottle Craft Colas: Big Red Cream SodaFrostie Vanilla Root BeerNEHI Orange & RC Cola
  • Limited Edition In Beast We Trust Dinner Plate (delicious burger pictured not included)
BEAST Box Babe's Bacon
Babe’s Bacon
BEAST Box Bread & Cheese
Martin’s Bread & Tillamook Cheese
Fripper's Cheddarwurst
Fripper’s Cheddarwurst
Tony's Chocolonely Candy Bars
Tony’s Chocolonely Candy Bars
Burger BEAST Box Craft Sodas
Craft Sodas: Big Red Cream Soda, Frostie Vanilla Root Beer, NEHI Orange & RC Cola
Burger Beast "In Beast We Trust" Dinner Plate
Burger Beast “In Beast We Trust” Dinner Plate, burger not included

The Details

The Father’s Day Burger BEAST Box is only available for Broward, Miami-Dade & Palm Beach Counties in South Florida.

The $100 price includes the hand delivery right to your home. And by hand delivery, I mean that we will hand-deliver it to your desired address.

Deliveries will be done during the week ending Sunday, June 20th (Thursday, Friday & Saturday).


Father’s Day 2021 Burger BEAST Box Pics

Here are pics I was sent from some of last year’s lucky Father’s Day Burger BEAST Box recipients!

Burger BEAST Box Goyoe
My uncle El Gollo with box instructions
@BGarrison7 is going in
@CBNPete doing his thing
Danny Figueredo is a master burger builder & photographer
@DoinkDesign sure looks hungry
@DreamboatNannie looking sharp
@EdNu42 doing it right
@El_Chef_Rey has got a tight grip
@ElGoyoe looks totally surprised
@ElPorky19, a man after my own heart
Eric Knowles with the Babe’s Meat & Counter Bacon closeup
Jimmy Diaz in an action shot
@JoseBoza, I think I’ve found my new BEAST Box model
@NoLaDougie has this down pat
@RedMeatLoversClub knows his stuff
Ray Ibberson’s smile says it all
Vanessa Rosario is a burger artíst
@Yo_Adrienne024 rockin’ the mask
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