Frisch’s Big Boy Restaurant & Museum in Cincinnati

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After visiting Frisch’s Big Boy a few times, I was saddened and excited to hear about a historical museum. Why saddened? I just missed seeing it, which means I need to plan another road trip to drop in for a visit.

I grew up eating at Bob’s Big Boy out of Glendale, California. Whenever my family would visit my grandmother and aunt, it was a must-stop.

The last time I ate there in the late 1990s, I was sorely disappointed. The real problem is that the nostalgia for such a place can sometimes overwhelm that.

In 2011, my wife and I made a stop at a Big Boy in Sanford, Florida. Unfortunately, the food left a lot to be desired.

Eatign at Frisch’s in Lexington & Cincinnati

I visited a Frisch’s Big Boy in Lexington, Kentucky, a few years back. Then a few days later, on the same trip, I ate at another in Cincinnati, Ohio. This time everything was as I had hoped for, excellent.

Oh, and I know you’re thinking about the tartar sauce on the Super Big Boy. I’m ecstatic to say it worked when I was 100% sure it wouldn’t!

Big Boy Statue
Big Boy Sign
Drive-Thru was open
Welcome To Frisch's Big Boy
Frisch's Big Boy Dessert Case
Dessert Case
Frisch's Big Boy Tomato Ketchup
Tomato Ketchup Bottle
Patty Melt
Super Big Boy w/Tartar Sauce
Apple Pie
Apple Pie
Strawberry Pie

Frisch’s Big Boy Museum in Cincinnati, Ohio

Frisch's Big Boy Museum Coming Soon Sign

I owned a bunch of Big Boy memorabilia that made up part of my Burger Museum collection. So the possibility of seeing obscure artifacts at Frisch’s Big Boy Museum excites me.

Read below to see the full press release about the Big Boy Museum opening.

Frisch Big Boy Collectibles
Big Boy is getting a museum in Ohio 

The Cincinnati-based Frisch's Big Boy double-decker burger restaurant chain on Wednesday will unveil the museum to a gathering of employees and retirees at the chain's original Mainliner restaurant. The Mainliner opened in 1939 in Fairfax, just east of Cincinnati. 

The museum named "A Tale of Frisch's Big Boy" will be free for patrons of the restaurant to visit. It's scheduled to open Friday to the public. Frisch's is urging patrons to loan their Big Boy memorabilia for short-term displays. 

Atlanta-based private equity firm NRD Capital bought the chain from its family ownership in 2015. Long an iconic Cincinnati brand, Frisch's has the Big Boy trademark in the region and there are a total of 121 restaurants in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky.
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