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Fuddruckers, A Better Burger Chain

I’ve been eating Fuddruckers’ World Greatest Hamburgers since the mid-1980s. Initially, the carcasses of the soon to be burgers were hanging in a refrigerated butcher area complete with a window to watch the action. Yes, you could watch as the butcher ground the fresh beef then made patties out of them.

The fact that they ground the meat themselves and baked the buns daily went a long way in the flavor department. Plus, while you wait in line, it would entertain you.


Fuddruckers founder Phil Romano, 10-24-84
Fuddruckers founder Phil Romano, 10-24-84

Fuddruckers was the brainchild of Phil Romano. Shortly after moving to Texas, he envisioned a new type of burger joint that was all about fresh ingredients.

After a local bank turned down his loan application, Romano found ten investors who ponied up $15,000 each.

In 1980, the first Fuddruckers restaurant opened in San Antonio, Texas. A second location would follow the next year in Houston. By the summer of 1984, there were 23 locations.

Fuddruckers was a smashing success right out of the gate, but Romano needed to take the concept national due to copycats that were popping up everywhere.

Once Fuddruckers went public in November 1983, they had the cash flow to expand.

Fuddruckers Stock Certificate November 8, 1983
Stock Certificate in Newspaper from November 8, 1983

By early 1985, Romano had sold half his stock. He then took a step back from the management side of the business. He had grown bored, and a few years later, his new concept would pay dividends after selling it a year after its launch. You may also be familiar with that chain, Romano’s Macaroni Grill.


  • A full loaded condiments bar
  • A butcher shop with burgers made daily
  • A bakery where the burger buns, brownies, and cookies are always fresh
  • Kitschy and faux brand signs and decorations
  • An arcade room in some locations
  • A full liquor bar in some locations


  • The round trays your food served on with the red Fuddruckers logo
  • A mini-warehouse sized space of seating
  • Being called over the loudspeaker by name when your food was ready
  • Stacking so many toppings on your burger from the condiment bar that you couldn’t open your mouth wide enough to eat it
  • Taking some cookies and brownies on your way out


What about the name Fuddruckers, where did it come from?

a name chosen for its near-obscene pronunciation

Richard Pachter, The Miami Herald 5-30-05

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Fuddruckers would continue to expand and open more restaurants in many locations across the U.S during the late 1980s and 1990s.

The early 2000s were not kind to the company as it fell on hard times. Due to the high cost of the real estate and the sheer size of most of the restaurants, they would file for bankruptcy protection in April 2010.

Just the year before, they had overhauled the beef for their burgers and renamed it Fudds Prime. I’m not sure if that contributed to their financial problems, but the new meat was not well received by their longtime fans, myself included.

Fudds Prime Pager
Fudds Prime Pager – 2009


It was April 1984 by the time Fuddruckers had made its way to Miami, Florida. There were 37 locations nationwide and growing.

My family unit of six (my parents, my grandparents, my sister & I) looked forward to everything about the Fuddruckers’ experience. I also loved, Rudy’s which you can read about here.

I’ve known many people who never got the whole Fuddruckers thing and would prefer fast food over it, that I never understood. The taste of a Fuddruckers’ burger is unmistakable, and my family embraced that. And everything that made this restaurant chain unique.

Ad in the Miami Herald 10-29-87
Ad in the Miami Herald 10-29-87

Over the years they expanded their menu to include exotic meats like Ostrich. I appreciate the effort but I don’t think I’d ever order anything other than a burger because let’s be honest, that’s what drew me here in the first place.

If you’ve never been to a Fuddruckers, your options as far as size goes like this: 1/3 lb, 1/2 lb, 2/3 lb and 1 pound(there is extra waiting time just for this size and your entire order will be slowed down, just a heads up).


I usually order the 1/2 Burger with the three kinds of cheese (Cheddar, Monterey Jack, and Swiss), aka the Three-Cheese Burger. It’s large enough, and I don’t have the patience to wait for the 1 pound burger all the time.  Plus, an order of the addictive wedge fries, which I always drown in honey mustard.

As far as toppings go, I keep it simple and go with nothing other than the cheese. But, I did recently try their grilled onions with some mustard, and that showed some promise on joining the rotation.

The hot dogs are delicious, and that split-top bun it comes on is ridiculously good.

If you’re a condiment fanatic, then you’ll dig their famous self-serve toppings bar.

And if you’re a burger fanatic, well then you should have already eaten here.


Fuddruckers Red Cup
Fuddruckers Red Cup
Fuddruckers Potato Wedges
Potato Wedges
Fuddruckers Hot Dog
Hot Dog with Fries
Fuddruckers Cheeseburger
Fuddruckers Cheeseburger
Grilled onions on my Cheeseburger
Grilled onions on my Cheeseburger

10680 NW 19th Street
Miami, Florida


  1. All 4 of them closed here in Colorado about 15 years ago. Next time I get down to visit mom in Boca, I will definitely take the kids there.

  2. Thank you I had been waiting for this one, hope I hadn’t missed it.

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