Heinz’s The United States of Saucemerica

Have you submitted any Heinz condiment packets for Heinz‘s The United States of Saucemerica? Not familiar with it? Don’t worry; neither was I.

I was at the corporate Burger King drive-thru getting a double cheeseburger and an original chicken sandwich when I first saw one of these packets. BK included a couple of ketchup packets with a Minnesota “Juicy Lucy” graphic.

This was one of the few times I double-checked my order to make sure both sandwiches were there. I rushed home, not to eat but to go online and investigate this United States of Saucemerica.

The short version is you collect condiment packets and submit a picture on their website. Each packet represents a state, along with a signature dish from there.

There’s also a way to win instant prizes daily on The United States of Saucemerica site. In addition to the instant prizes, there are also the sweepstake prizes. Yup…up for the winning are restaurant, hotel, or gas gift cards, Heinz merch, plus up to $100,000.

The FAQ should probably answer most of your follow-up questions.

Which Heinz Packets & Where Am I Looking For Them?

These are the packets you’re looking for: Heinz Tomato Ketchup, Heinz Yellow Mustard, Heinz Real Mayonnaise, Heinz BBQ sauce, Heinz Ranch Dressing, Heinz Simply Tomato Ketchup, or Heinz Premium Tartar Sauce.

Where to find them is a little trickier, but I’ve discovered packets at Burger King, Graziano’s, La Carreta, and Wawa in South Florida. The United States of Saucemerica website specifically mentions restaurants, theaters, and theme parks across the U.S. as a good starting point for your search.

What I Have Submitted So Far

The United States of Saucemerica
The United States of Saucemerica condiment packets

You don’t end up with a Burger Museum without being a collector. So The United States of Saucemerica is right up my alley.

Please don’t make the mistake I made initially when I submitted a picture with three different packets. There can only be one packet per picture, and only one per state is allowed.

Alabama22/50Fried Green TomatoesMayonnaise
Arizona48/50Sonoran DogMayonnaise
California31/50Burger & FriesKetchup
Connecticut5/50Steamed CheeseburgerSimply Ketchup
Delaware1/50Scrapple HashKetchup
Florida27/50Cuban SandwichYellow Mustard
Georgia4/50Hush PuppiesKetchup
Hawaii50/50Macaroni SaladMayonnaise
Idaho43/50French FriesKetchup
Minnesota32/50Juicy LucySimply Ketchup
Montana41/50Rocky Mountain OystersKetchup
Nebraska31/50Onion RingsKetchup
New Hampshire9/50VenisonKetchup
New Jersey30/50Pork Roll SandwichKetchup
New Mexico47/50Green Chili CheeseburgerMayonnaise
North Dakota39/50Hot DishKetchup
Oklahoma46/50Onion BurgerKetchup
Utah45/50Pastrami BurgerSimply Ketchup
Wyoming44/50Elk BurgerKetchup

Get Started with The United States of SauceAmerica

To get started, track down one of the condiment packets, snap a picture, and submit it at https://saucemerica.heinz.com. You have until August 31st to get them in and don’t forget about the daily instant prizes, good luck.

For the record, this is not an ad of any kind. So, if I win anything, I will update this post.

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  1. I wonder where I can get the book! “The United States of Saucemerica” I’ve looked everywhere. Saw it on eBay for a crazy price.


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