Raspados Loly’s in Miami, Florida

Raspados Loly’s originated in Nicaragua more than 50 years ago and opened its Miami location in 1987. My wife Marcela (who is Nicaraguan) introduced me to Raspados Loly’s (10404 W Flagler Street, Miami) way back in 1998.

Carne Asada Tortilleria Nica is conveniently located next door to Raspados Loy’s, a nice one-two punch if you’re looking for a meal and then dessert afterward.

Raspados Loly's and Carne Asada are neighbors
Raspados Loly’s and Carne Asada are neighbors.

Raspados are essentially Nicaraguan shaved ice with a twist. A giant block of ice is shaved, packed into a cup, and generally layered with Dulce de leche.

You don’t have to choose Dulce de leche, though; there are other flavors like Nancite (yellow cherries), Tamarindo, Pineapple, Jocote (a type of plum), Strawberry, Mango, and Mamoncillo (when in season). You can also order it con relleno, which means they’ll layer poundcake.

Raspados Loly's Dulce de Leche Raspado
Dulce de Leche Raspado

The shop also sells regular shaved ice, Ice cream, Nicaraguan cajetas (sweets), and my favorite imported drink, Nicaraguan Coke.

Marcela also loves Coyolitos, which are like bitter coconuts. The inside is ground up, rolled into a ball, and then rolled again in sugar.

They look like little chocolate doughnut balls. I thought it tasted like lousy licorice, but I’m not too fond of licorice.

Raspados Loly's Menu in Miami, Florida
Raspados Loly’s Menu Board

If you’ve never had a raspado, I say you give it a try; Marcela wanted me to pass along a suggestion. If you order the Dulce de leche con relleno, make sure you mash it up good; she says it tastes better.

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