Shipley Donuts Jacksonville: Donuts & Kolaches To Go

I love kolaches, in particular the ones with jalapeño & cheese sausage. During my 2022 month-long road trip, kolaches became a top priority as we neared the great state of Texas.

Upon arrival at our final destination of Houston (Texas), we ran into Shipley Do-nuts. We’re talking donuts and kolaches. Is there a better one-two punch for breakfast with coffee on the go?

Marcela and I were driving home from the Burger Benefit, and who brightened our morning? Shipley Do-nuts in Jacksonville, Florida, that’s who.

Shipley's Donuts in Jacksonville, Florida
Shipley’s Do-nuts in Jacksonville, Florida

The pressure was on when we pulled up to the drive-thru. I wanted to keep my order simple, so a couple of glazed buttermilk cake donuts with a cheese sausage and jalapeño & cheese sausage kolaches found their way into my car.

Marcela chose a ridiculously oversized pastry covered in sweet cream. It was so giant that she was still dealing with it the following day.

Glazed Sour Cream from Shipley Donuts in Jacksonville, Florida
Glazed Buttermilk Cake Donut
Kolaches from Shipley's Donuts in Jacksonville, Florida

Big Rich Breakfast Kolache?

There was a Big Rich kolache on the menu, but I didn’t make the connection that Big Rich is my bud @BigRichKnowsJax. It was too late, but I vowed to return for his namesake snack.

The following month we returned to Jacksonville for a Burger Beast Burger Club Meating, our first outside of Miami. We stopped twice at Shipley’s on the way in and out of town.

Again, glazed buttermilk cake donuts were had, but my meathooks found their way around a Big Rich kolache. It was everything I hoped for, plus I wouldn’t have to pretend to have enjoyed it during my following conversation with Rich, lol.

Big Rich Kolache from Shipley Donuts in Jacksonville, Florida
Big Rich Kolache filled with Egg, Cheese & Chorizo

The Big Rich kolache has egg, cheese & chorizo within a fresh-baked, slightly sweet dough pocket. It hits all the right breakfast notes and has now made it into my Shipley Do-Nuts regular rotation.

Now, the real question is, when am I returning to Jacksonville?

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(904) 551-1629

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