Burger Beast Smash Burger Kit for Father’s Day

It’s time to bust out your flat-top again; the Burger BEAST Burger Kit is back in South Florida for the weekend of June 18th. Of course, this is timed perfectly for the Father’s Day.

Cruz Diablo Double Cheeseburger
Cruz Diablo Double Cheeseburger

With this bag, you can make eight double Cruz Diablo Burgers which feature my brand-new custom beef blend.

Anyone can be the recipient of my Burger BEAST Box Smash Burger Kit! While I might not be a dad (unless you count my dogs, who eat Wagyu burgers), I am a guy who’s received a bunch of gifts that get hidden in the back of my closet.

All the dads I’m friends with talk about the pretty standard ties and socks they’re gifted throughout the holidays and anniversaries. I’m well aware that there are some terrible gift-givers out there, and you know who you are!

What’s in this year’s Father’s Day Burger BEAST Burger Kit?

Wrapped Cruz Diablo Burger
Wrapped Cruz Diablo Burger
  • Sixteen 3.5 ounces of fresh beef mini burger pucks featuring my new Luncheonette blend by Sunshine Provisions
  • Eight slices of premium American Cheese
  • Pack of Big Marty’s Buns
  • 6 oz bottle of my Cruz Diablo Sauce
  • Jar of Mt. Olive Bread & Butter Pickles
  • Minced onions for your burgers
  • Chifles Chips

This Burger Beast kit is for those into the current smash burger revolution taking over the United States. You will be able to recreate 8 Cruz Diablo Double Smash Cheeseburgers at home,

The Cruz Diablo (named after my grandfather) was one of the twenty burgers featured at the Burger Benefit in Dunwoody, Georgia.


Add Ons

With that said, I have some add-ons that may be of interest if you’re looking for a little extra.

Sasquash Burger Smasher

Burger Iron's Sasquash Burger Smasher
Burger Iron’s Sasquash Burger Smasher

If you need a burger smasher, you can count on; then this is the one. We use this same one at our burger popups, plus who doesn’t like Bigfoot? – $29.99


Burger Beast’s All About the Burger Book, signed by BB

All About the Burger Book
All About the Burger Book

I love my history, so it was not much of a surprise when in 2018, I announced I was working on a book about the history of the burger and the chains that popularized it. The book is more like an almanac with plenty of dates and factoids that you can use to outsmart all of your know-it-all friends.

Let me know who I’m signing it to, and I will! – $19.99

Burger Beast Mystery Bag

Burger Beast Mystery Bag
Burger Beast Mystery Bag

My Mystery Bag features odds and ends lying around Burger Beast headquarters. The bag might include things like Burger Beast merch or Burger Museum merch, Burger Museum artifacts, stickers, pins, promotional merch, and who knows what else.

Each bag is different, so you never know what you’ll get! – $24.99

If you ever visited the Burger Museum (R.I.P.), you might remember the walls were covered with signs, framed ads, and restaurant t-shirts. Well, the Mystery Burger Museum Framed Tee is a restaurant tee that hung on the walls of the Burger Museum.

Each one is different, and all the tees come in a black wooden frame ready to hang on your wall. – $19.99

The Details

The Father’s Day Burger BEAST Burger Kit is only available for Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties in South Florida.

The price includes the hand delivery right to your home. And by hand delivery, I mean that we will hand-deliver it to your desired address.

Each BEAST Box is $75 and delivered to your door in Miami-Dade County. Add $10 for Broward County or $15 for Palm Beach County.

They will be delivered between Friday, June 16th, and Saturday, June 17th.


Subtle and not-so-subtle hints work when convincing your loved ones to surprise you with the kit. But, your best is to splurge on yourself.

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