Morro Castle in Little Havana Frita Cubana

Frita Cubana Recipe + History

The Frita Cubana’s origin goes way back to 1920s Cuba when it was street food + I’ve included my Frita Cubana recipe for those who can’t find the real deal.

The Cuban Diner in Marietta, Georgia

I was beginning to feel homesick for Miami after a 3-week road trip.

The Cuban Diner in Marietta made me feel at home even though I was 700 miles away.

CAO Bakery

CAO Bakery in Miami, Florida

You might be asking yourself what or who is CAO Bakery and why do they appear to be popping up all around town? As of this writing…

Sandy's Nachos from Sandy's Cuban Cafe in Naples, Florida

Sandy’s Cuban Cafe in Naples, Florida

I drove by Sandy’s Cuban Cafe with plans to have a late lunch. Unfortunately, Sandy’s was closed for the day when I returned.

So I waited…….almost an entire year for another attempt.