Fritas Domino Closed

Fritas Domino has Closed Permanently

The closing of Little Havana’s Morro Castle in 2017 was a giant blow to Miami’s Frita community.

And now, here we are just four years later, and Miami’s original Frita Cubana spot Fritas Domino La Original has closed without any fanfare whatsoever.

CAO Bakery

CAO Bakery in Miami, Florida

You might be asking yourself what or who is CAO Bakery and why do they appear to be popping up all around town? As of this writing…

Skirt Steak from El Rinconcito Latino in Miami, Florida

El Rinconcito Latino in Miami

Just a few blocks from my parent’s house in Westchester is a Cuban restaurant they frequent, El Rinconcito Latino.

There are five other locations around town.