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If you follow along on my Instagram adventures, then you’ll notice I’m always posting about one of my favorite spots in Miami, Chug’s Diner.

Chug’s Diner, which is actually in Coconut Grove, opens at 7 AM every day till 8 PM. I like to get a head start on my day and usually arrive just as they open.

The Cortadito and Cafe con Leche made with Counter Culture Coffee here is second to none. When I ask for my Cafe con Leche Oscuro (heavy on the coffee), they always nail it.

The Miami-famous Pastelito Papi always has an array of his tasty pastries in their warming tray along with other goodies like croquetas.

The breakfast sandwich and scramble sandwich are my go-to eats every time I’m here. It’s always a tough decision to choose between them.

The scramble features scrambled eggs, Gouda cheese on pressed Cuban bread with Sazon completa buttering the top of the sandwich. That is my current favorite.

My previous love was the breakfast sandwich with a fried egg, Taylor ham, cheese, julienne potatoes, & Duke’s Mayo on a Cuban roll.

Trust me; it’s hard times when I need to pick.

A few other standouts include the phenomenal Cast Iron Pancake and the mindblowing Beltran’s Bacon, which are two thick slabs of the good stuff.


I skipped out on discussing two things two of the most important things in the world of Burger Beast, Chug’s Burgers, and Frita Cubanas.

The reason? Chug’s Diner is part of Chef Michael Beltran’s growing empire of restaurants which embrace South Florida.

His restaurant Ariete, (just down the street from Chug’s), is where I first tried his Chug Burger.

You won’t find the exceptional Chug Burger (one of my Top 25 Burgers) on the Chug’s Diner menu. However, you will find its smaller sibling, the Chug Burger Jr.

Also, the excellent Fritas from Ariete made the jump to Chug’s.

The Big Phil (named one of my favorite chefs Phil Bryant) is a frita patty topped with Beltran’s Bacon, BBQ sauce, and hot fried onions.

I’ve never even tried the Big Phil Frita which is a crime against comfort food humanity.


Shishito Peppers
Shishito Peppers
Wood-grilled Chicken Wings
Wood-grilled Chicken Wings
Trio of Frita Cubanas
Trio of Frita Cubanas
Ariete Chug Burger
Chug Burger
Ariete Flan with Candy Cap Mushrooms
Ariete Flan with Candy Cap Mushrooms


Casey getting ready
Retro Pepsi Cooler filled with drinks
Great selection of books including mine


Menu Board
Chug’s Diner Menu
Coffee Menu
Specials Countertop Board


Pumpkin Spice Cortadito
Cortadito with nothing but love for me at Chug’s
Beltran’s Bacon
Short Rib Croquetas
Cast Iron Pancake
Classic Frita a Caballo
Breakfast Sandwich
Scramble Sandwich
Ridiculous Cookies


My Mom always finishes her meaningful conversations with “In Conclusion,” so I thought it would be a fitting way to end my Chug’s Diner post.

Don’t forget to ask about what desserts (made by Devin Braddock) are available. My wife Marcela is a big fan and loves all of her cookies.

If the awesome Casey is working the counter, make sure to let her know the Beast sent you. She’ll tell you what exactly you need to get.

Chug’s Diner
3444 Main Hwy Suite 21
Coconut Grove, Florida

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