The Guide to Cuento Sandwiches in Doral

The talented folks behind Cuento Sandwiches in Doral are Chefs David Shipman and Michelle Duncan. You may remember them from the Purple People Eatery food truck.

The current menu is made up of five sandwiches, three croquetas, three sandwiches de miga, plus a few sides and desserts. Let’s just jump right into this, shall we?

Intro to Cuento Sandwiches of Doral

The croquetas are medianoche ham, chicken & turkey, and pimento cheese. The medianoche ham was my favorite, with the chicken & turkey a close second.

Usually, I’d be all about a pimento cheese croqueta, but this one is actually a pimento cheese mac and cheese croqueta. Technically, it’s more of a fritter. I’d give it higher marks if it were straight pimento cheese.

Pimento Cheese & Ham Miga Sandwich from Cuento Sandwiches in Doral, Florida
Pimento Cheese & Ham Sandwich de Miga

Since we’re already talking pimento cheese, there is a pimento cheese and ham miga sandwich. Are you not familiar with the Sandwich de Miga? These beauties are double-decker crustless sandwiches famous in Argentina and surrounding countries.

Two other Miga sandwiches round out the lineup with a tuna salad & asparagus and turkey & egg salad. I haven’t tried those yet cause the pimento cheese and ham migas are my kinda jam.

The Sandwiches at Cuento

Cuento Sandwiches mean some serious business when it comes to sandwiches: Frita Cubana, Elena Ruz, Pan con Bistec, Medianoche, and Grilled Mahi. Well, except for the last one, I’m not a seafood guy. A pan con lechon or pollo ala plancha would be a solid fifth for me.

First up is the Frita Cubana, known on their menu as the Sancho Panza. This guy is well-seasoned (bien sasonada) beef patty, Swiss or American cheese, malanga sticks, shallot compote, and guava ketchup. Swiss cheese is the way to go; I know cause I’ve tried both versions.

Frita Cubana from Cuento Sandwiches in Doral, Florida
Frita Cubana = Sancho Panza

Those julienne malanga sticks are game-changers. Please sell these separately.

The Elena Ruz, the sandwich named after the Cuban socialite, is reborn as Doña Elena with black pepper turkey, cream cheese, mozzarella cheese, provolone cheese, and pressed medianoche bread with strawberry guava sauce on the side. The addition of guava to the regular strawberry jam is something I didn’t know was needed.

Elena Ruz from Cuento Sandwiches in Doral, Florida
Elena Ruz = Doña Elena

I’m a pan con bistec (steak sandwich) kinda fella. El Cid, the Cuento Sandwiches pan con bistec is top tier. Here, we get a top sirloin steak pounded thin, mozzarella cheese, provolone cheese, shallot compote, those delicious malanga sticks, and campeador sauce (mayo-ketchup) pressed on crusty bread.

Pan con Bistec from Cuento Sandwiches in Doral, Florida
Pan con Bistec = El Cid

El Cid is not not only freakin’ great but filling. Most of you might think, let’s share one, BUT I thought: I’ll have half now and the other half later as a snack.

My Favorite Cuento

We’ve finally made it to my favorite thing on the menu, the Medianoche, as known as Don Quixote. My good buddy Don Quixote comes on pressed medianoche bread with cantimpalo chorizo, smoked ham, mozzarella cheese, provolone cheese, Swiss cheese, pickles, and a phenomenal mustard dipping sauce that I’m still dreaming about.

Medianoche from Cuento Sandwiches in Doral, Florida
Medianoche = Don Quixote

Actually, I’m still dreaming about Don Quixote cause it hits all these right sandwich notes, and the dipping sauce was the right move; bravo.

The Sides, Sweets and More

One of the first things I ate was their Cuban Roots bag of chips. They’re a selection of root veggie chips (malanga, yuca, sweet plantain, green plantain) tossed in Caribbean seasoning. You can find them right next to the baked goods.

Speaking of which, when you order at the counter, there’s a display case with sweets. They’ve been slightly different on each visit, but I suggest taking one of the cookies to go; why?

Fresh Baked Cookies from Cuento Sandwiches in Doral, Florida
Fresh Baked Cookies

Well, that’s cause there is a White Chocolate Flan de Queso with your name on it. The Flan at Cuento Sandwiches is so good that I just added it to my Best Flans in Miami list.

White Chocolate Flan de Queso from Cuento Sandwiches in Doral, Florida
White Chocolate Flan de Queso

I’m gonna make it real simple for your first visit: Cuban Roots chips, Don Quixote Medianoche, and the White Chocolate Flan de Queso. You can thank me later.

Cuento Sandwiches
4237 NW 107th Avenue
Doral, FL
(305) 400-8374

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Tuesday 9:00 am – 8:00 pm
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