Win 2 Tix to the Riverwalk Trust Burger Battle 2011

Tickets are sold out!

But you can win 2 tickets to tomorrow’s Riverwalk Trust Burger Battle II. The first person to leave a comment below with the correct answers to my 3 questions win. You better know your Burger facts.

1) McDonald’s Big Mac was created to compete with which similar sandwich?

2) Whataburger has a great burger but which Whataburger product has a fan page of almost 17,000 fans?

3) Who won the people’s vote last year at the Riverwalk Trust Burger Battle 2010?

Congratulations to Brian Noe for the win!

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  • Brian Noe

    1.Big Mac was created to compete with Big Boy
    2.Whataburger Ketchup has 16,986 fans
    3.The Capital Grille

  • Suzy Q

    1. Big Boy
    2. Whataburger 5-3-1
    3. Capital Grille

  • chris

    1. The Big Boy Sandwich
    3. The Capital Grille

  • lee delain

    1. Big Boy
    2. Whataburger Ketchup
    3. Capital grille