El Rey De Las Fritas – Hialeah, Florida

El Rey de las Fritas - Hialeah, Florida

When speaking about Frita history this El Rey De Las Fritas location is historically significant. This was 2nd location opened after the flagship store on 8th Street. If you take a close look at the picture above you can actually see the original “El Rey” character to the left of the sign. It was drawn by their founder Benito but better known to you as El Rey de las Fritas. Inside the location is also the original banner used at the 1st location that burned down some years ago.

El Rey de las Fritas - Hialeah, Florida

El Rey de las Fritas - Hialeah, Florida

I’ve had a Frita at El Rey so many times I can’t keep count but I had never tried their Frita a Caballo. So what’s a growing boy to do but order it? If you’re not familiar with the “a Caballo” phenomenon then you don’t know what you’re missing. Whenever you’re at a Cuban joint in Miami, ask to have your sandwich or steak etc… a Caballo. You’ll be treated to a delicious fried egg cooked to your liking on top of your meal. So getting back to my Frita…

Frita a Caballo

Frita a Caballo

El Rey de las Fritas - Hialeah, Florida

You will always hear me talking about how a Frita should not have cheese on it but this is one of those cases where the cheese is necessary. Imagine having the most delicious egg and cheese sandwich on a Cuban roll and sneaking in a perfectly seasoned patty that compliments the sandwich. Well, that’s what you have here and if you haven’t had this then you haven’t really lived.

In addition to their 4 locations around town, you can also find El Rey de las Fritas on their Food Truck at events throughout South Florida.

El Rey De Las Fritas
421 West 29 Street, Hialeah, FL

Comments (5):

  1. Jenny

    April 8, 2011 at 2:38 PM

    Best Frita! Try the Tamla Original…its delicious.
    Don’t forget to add hot sauce 🙂

  2. Cleo Lenora Wolf

    March 14, 2015 at 2:35 PM

    Oye. Rey!! We need you here in Pinecrest, or Kendall! Or even near Perrine where there’s plenty of Land for sale!!!