Cheesesteak Halves from Subby's Subs in South Miami, Florida

Subby’s Sub in South Miami

Stop by Subby’s Subs for fresh-made hot and cold subs in South Miami. Try the classic Cheesesteak Sub or something new like the Honey Mustard Chicken Sub.

Milanesa de Pollo from La Carreta in Westchester, Florida

La Carreta in Westchester

Some folks are Versailles people, but not me; I’m a La Carreta guy.

Specifically, I’m a giant fan of La Carreta in Westchester.

Meatball Sub from The Big Cheese in Miami, Florida

Best Meatball Subs in Miami

Since I consider myself a sandwich & meatball connoisseur, it should be no surprise that I’m on the constant search for the Best Meatball Sub in Miami.

Super Subs Etc. Cheeseburger Sub in South Miami, Florida

The Best Burger Subs in South Florida

Many sandwich shops sell burger subs, but very few execute them properly.

So let me help you with this list of the Best Burger Subs in South Florida.