Black Angus Superburger from Eat'n Park in Erie, Pennsylvania

Eat’n Park in Erie, Pennsylvania

Explore the story of Eat’n Park and the Big Boy burger Sandwich, the unique double deck burger that served as an inspiration for the Big Mac. Find out why I declined to be featured on The Food That Built America.

In N Out Gainesville in the Independent Florida Gator 1978

Is there an In N Out in Gainesville, Florida?

Is there really an In-N-Out in Gainesville, Florida? Well, kinda; at one point, there were several locations.

I can confirm there was an In N’ Out, but it was not the celebrated and iconic brand from California

Burger Museum McDonaldland Cups

My Memories of McDonaldland & the Burger King Kingdom

I was McDonald’s and Burger King’s target market. So I ate up everything McDonald’s McDonaldland, and the Burger King Kingdom had to offer.

To this very day, I still love these characters and the memories associated with them.