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If you’ve been reading Burger Beast for at least the last 8 months or so, you’ve probably caught me gushing over M.E.A.T. Eatery & Taproom and it’s Chef/Owner George Patti. His other restaurant Tasters Grille and Market is right down the street from M.E.A.T., or should I say it was. He’d been planning to relocate it and next thing I know, there’s an email in my in basket with the menu for Tasters Taco Emporium. Huh? Yup. This past Wednesday Tasters Taco Emporium opened up in the old Tasters Grille location.

Below is the first draft of the menu and I’m sure there will be some changes over the next weeks as they settle in. But, in the meantime enjoy the picture of the Elote that I lifted from their facebook page.

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I gave it a week before I drove down to Tavernier to check out Tasters Taco Emporium.

The food is a mix of authentic Mexican and what I’ll call gringo Mexican with some touches from Chef George Patti’s cooking arsenal. I love love loved the Habanero Red Salsa but be forewarned, proceed with caution. The Queso for dipping the Chips was very good and the Elote was another must order dish. On the Taco side, the Chorizo, the Shrimp and the Barbacoa are the way to go.

Tasters Taco Emporium Menu Page 1
Tasters Taco Emporium Menu Page 2
Fresh Made Tortilla Chips w/Trio of Salsas
Queso, that’s Cheese to you
Chili-spiced Papitas
Black Beans & Rice
Yuca Fries tossed in Cayenne/Coriander
Elote aka Corn topped with a bunch of stuff

Tacos In Paradise:

Tasters Taco Emporium
Facebook: Tasters Taco Emporium
91252 Overseas Highway, Tavernier, Florida 33070
Tasters Taco Emporium on Urbanspoon

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