KINGDOM in Miami, Florida

The Burger Beast Blog was only a few months old when I hit up Kingdom. I floored by their burger and the vibe of the tiny spot in a then seedy part of town.

Marcela and I ate at Kingdom a handful of times over the following month. We were hooked.

Kingdom would go on to win Best Burger at my 1st Burger Beast Burgie Awards in September 2009. I was heartbroken when about a year later they quietly closed up shop.

Below you can find my posts about my first and second visits to the now legendary Miami Burger Joint.

KINGDOM 2009 Menu
KINGDOM 2009 Menu from my Burger Museum Collection

The Original KINGDOM Write-Up on Burger Beast

January 20th, 2009 – I’m sorry Keg South. I swore I would never think of another place like that but I have and did. Due to an overwhelming amount of emails proclaiming the greatness of Kingdom, I felt I should go check the place out.

I will let you know that parking is a bit of a nightmare and if you do go down into that neighborhood, it would be a good idea to not get lost. The place is not big but it has a cool layout with some seats inside and tables set up on the outside in an enclosure (tops 25 folks at a time).

Inside of Kingdom in Miami, Florida
Inside of Kingdom
Kingdom Onion Rings & Fries
Onion Rings & Fries

I check out their menu and look for the burgers. I notice for appetizers they have a Fries/Onion Rings combo. Dietcolalola orders this combo, the fries are crinkle-cut and not bad, the onion rings were better and both had some seasoning added to them which gave them a nice flavor.

Wings and a Chicken Burger

Kingdom Buffalo Wings
Buffalo Wings

Marcela and I decided we should also get some wings. They are tossed in either BBQ, Honey Mustard or Buffalo Sauce (she may have said another flavor but I can’t recall).

We get the buffalo version (tastes like Frank’s Red Hot to me) and love ‘um. Those things were hot, and by hot I mean temperature hot, in the pic you should be able to see some smoke rising from them.

Kingdom Chicken Burger
Dietcolalola’s Chicken Burger with Diet Cola

Dietcolalola ordered herself the Chicken Burger, which appears to be chicken packed into burger form, no dead chickens were harmed though. She loved it, Marcela loved it and I, you got it, loved it! She added bacon to it, how could you go wrong with bacon?

Kingdom Burger Talk

Getting back to my review of the menu for burgers, before I got distracted by the appetizers, there are 3 burgers on the menu, Queen (8 oz)King (12 oz), and Doomsday (24 oz). If you can eat the Doomsday in under 15 minutes you don’t have to pay for it.

Alright, as tempting a proposition as that sounds, if I got a Doomsday served to me at the temperature I was served the King at I would have no palate left. That thing was smoking hot.

Kingdom Cheeseburger
Kingdom Cheeseburger

As I was eating mine (with cheddar and a heaping load of crispy bacon), I questioned my love for Keg South, and to be honest with you, if I eat here a few more times, I may forget about Keg South altogether.

6708 Biscayne Blvd
Miami, Florida

Eating the Doomsday

January 30th, 2009 – Why back to Kingdom so soon? Well, many a person suggested I try to eat the Doomsday.

For the uninformed, that is Kingdom’s 24 oz. aka 1.5 lb. burger served with fries and onion rings. I thought long and hard about who would be the perfect person to go eat the Doomsday with.

With any main event, you always bring out the big guns, the person who won’t let you down. Who is this person? None other than my cousin Rick, my original gluttony brother.

Over the years, and before we both got married we were involved in many eating challenges that ended up with both of us sick to our stomachs. Now, years later I thought we should rehash some old habits, they die hard you know….hahaha…that was my attempt at some humor. Ok, anyways, Rick agrees and I arrive at Kingdom first, no one is here yet.

Kingdom Restroom
Kingdom Restroom
Kingdom Restroom
Kingdom Restroom Part Deux

Ordering the Doomsday Burger

I mention that I’m going to be ordering 2 Doomsday burgers to someone setting the place up (they just opened). This is right before I go check out their restrooms, which I kinda glanced at the last time I was here. I come back from checking out the restrooms and the waitress/bartender Cindy asks what I’m having.

I mention I am waiting for someone but that we both are going to be having a Doomsday, each. She has yet to see one and seems generally excited that we ordered it, more on her later though. Rick arrives and we discuss nonsense as usual and get into a topic we lately always talk about, VH1 reality shows (specifically Bret Michaels).

Rod with 2 Doomsday Burgers at Kingdom
Rod with 2 Doomsday Burgers at Kingdom

Before we know it, Rod (or Hot Rod as Cindy referred to him, she said it, not me, he’s the dude who cooked these bad boys) is serving us our 2 Doomsday burgers, Rick’s Doomsday has no buns. the opposite of how he likes his women, man, I’m on fire today.

It’s a Beaut!

It really does look so beautiful I don’t want to eat it but I’ll make the sacrifice. I do want to clarify something though. There is a Doomsday Challenge where you must eat the 24 oz. burger along with fries and onion rings in less than 15 minutes. This is no Doomsday Challenge for the record.

While eating we get involved in a conversation with a couple of people sitting at the bar. We are discussing, well the guy asked Cindy if a good-looking guy is waiting at a bus stop, would she be interested in him? At this point, Rick is almost done with his and I’ve got a little bit to go.

Back to the story, her response to that question kept us talking for quite a while. Of course, Rick and I were trying to throw a wrench into the conversation by asking about, what if the guy had a scooter and/or a bus pass.

Kingdom Doomsday Burger w/Fries & Onion Rings
Kingdom Doomsday Burger w/Fries & Onion Rings
Kingdom Doomsday
Kingdom Doomsday
Halfway through Doomsday Burger
Halfway through Doomsday Burger
Doomsday Burger All Gone
Doomsday Burger All Gone

I will not tell you what she answered but if you go by Kingdom as her about it, she’ll remember the conversation. Rick finished before I did (bunless remember), he also said he could have easily done another half-pounder. Now that is definitely for another day. I finish mine.

We do not eat the fries and onion rings. Those things are awesome but I have no intention of overstuffing myself, today at least. We’ll wait till someone wants to go head to head with me for that. Not that I’m laying down a challenge or am I?

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