Mario’s Cuban Cuisine Restaurant in Homestead, Florida

Some folks in social media land have repeatedly told me to check out the croquetas at Mario’s Restaurant in Homestead. A couple of people said that they’re possible contenders for the “Best Croqueta in Miami.”

I was in Homestead getting my Steamed Cheeseburger fix when, as I was driving, I saw the sign for Mario’s. Sure, I was full, but I must uphold as the croqueta ambassador to South Florida to check this place out.

One illegal u-turn (Hialeah-style) later, I was in Mario’s parking lot. I ordered two of Mario’s croquetas at the ventanita. After one bite, the thought crossed my mind that I should have ordered a croqueta preparada.

A couple of Croquetas from Mario's Cuban Cuisine in Homestead, Florida
A Couple of Croquetas

By the second bite, I was thinking about whether I should take 10 or 20 croquetas to go. While my brain was working, I somehow ate both of them, and I also convinced myself to walk away croqueta-less.

The minute I got home, I realized I had made a terrible mistake; I should have taken some to go cause those croquetas were out of bounds.

Second Visit to Mario’s Restaurant

So, the following week, I returned with plans to sit down inside and eat some Cuban comfort food, like a sandwich with a couple of croquetas by mistake. The server suggested I tack on a beef empanada and a papa rellena.

Two Croquetas and a Beef Empanada from Mario's Cuban Cuisine in Homestead, Florida
Two Croquetas and a Beef Empanada
A Papa Rellena from Mario's Cuban Cuisine in Homestead, Florida
A Papa Rellena, aka a Beef Stuffed Potato Ball

These ham croquetas had little filler and were flavorful; I’ll take them any day of the week and twice on Sunday morning with my pastelitos……brother.

The tightly wound beef empanada and papa rellena had one thing in common: well-seasoned beef. It’s a tough call to say which one I prefer, but you can’t go wrong with either or both if you’ve got room.

The pan con tortilla (omelet sandwich) with Swiss cheese was great, but by then, I was stuffed. Usually, I add onions and ham to my pan con tortilla, and that’s the only thing I could think to do to improve this sando.

Now I’m hearing that Mario’s has a killer Milanesa, which means another visit in the works, but this time, I’m bringing some backup. A few friends will allow me to try more dishes and maybe even make it to dessert!

Mario’s Cuban Cuisine Family Restaurant
1090 N Homestead Boulevard
Homestead, FL
(305) 247-2470

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Monday 7:00 am – 11:00 pm
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