I Ate the McDonald’s Chicken Big Mac

You heard right: McDonald’s has introduced a Chicken Big Mac. The new sandwich was tested initially in the Miami, Florida, market (my hometown).

After some leaked info about the new sandwich, I pulled up the McDonald’s app last weekend. It was there, alright, hiding at the bottom of the sandwich list.

McDonald's App listing Chicken Big Mac
McDonald’s App listing Chicken Big Mac

Now, I just needed to decide when to pull the trigger to try a Chicken Big Mac. There was no drive-thru for me either; I planned on going inside for the whole experience.

So, What’s in the Chicken Big Mac?

McDonald's Chicken Big Mac
McDonald’s Chicken Big Mac

The Chicken Big Mac has only two changes from the Big Mac you already know and love. There are no minced onions, and a new thin chicken nuggetish patty has replaced the beef patties.

So, for those of you who need it broken down further:

Two Chicken Nuggetish Patties, Special Sauce, Lettuce, Cheese, Pickles, on a Sesame Seed Bun.

Is the Chicken Big Mac Good?

McDonald's Chicken Big Mac after a Big Bite
McDonald’s Chicken Big Mac after my Big Bite

The menu boards inside and at the drive-thru make no mention of the Chicken Big Mac. So, it would be best if you asked for it by name.

Let me preface my following comment by saying that while I eat Big Macs occasionally, I’m a Quarter Pounder with cheese kinda fella, followed by old faithful, the two cheeseburger meal.

As I mentioned earlier, the pattie is very reminiscent of another fave of mine, Chicken McNuggets. So, I think these chicken patties work better with the hot mustard.

I could see a Big Mac fan who loves Chicken McNuggets putting this sandwich into their rotation. I’m suggesting you try it and decide where you stand on it.

I’d remove the special sauce and add a container or two of hot mustard to the equation. The only problem would be that it’s no longer a Big Mac.

Where in Miami can you get the Chicken Big Mac?

McDonald's Chicken Big Mac Box Receipt
McDonald’s Chicken Big Mac Box Receipt

This past Saturday, my bud Ed snagged a Chicken Big Mac in Homestead, Florida. So, after double-checking it was available on the app, I went to my local McDonald’s (5650 NW 7th Street).

And that’s precisely what you should be doing if you live in Miami, Florida. First, check the McDonald’s app for your nearest location; it’s the fastest way since there isn’t a list floating around.

If you find Chicken Big Mac out in the wild, leaving the address in the comments area would be greatly appreciated!

12 thoughts on “I Ate the McDonald’s Chicken Big Mac”

  1. They have it in Hollywood! You have to ask for it since it doesn’t appear on the screen. But they still have a poster announcing that they have it. The one at 2851 Sheridan St
    Hollywood, FL 33020

  2. The McDonald’s on 14699 SW 42nd St, Miami, FL has it. It doesn’t show up on the app, but I was able to order it in the drive thru without any issues. I asked for it by name and they had it.

  3. I don’t think cheese goes on any chicken sandwich, nor do I think the special sauce would be good with the batterish type chicken “patty” you described. Glad you tried it and happy to live vicariously.


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