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This is guest post 2 of 2… As I mentioned in the FIX post, we were in Vegas for 3 nights for a conference and had some gift money to burn up. Since we don’t gamble or drink much, it was wisely spent primarily on food. The first day of the conference, as we walked into the Paris via the Bally’s casino, we passed Le Burger Brasserie, and I thought, “Mmmm. burgers…” I made a mental note to come check out the menu later, but I forgot. That night we went to FIX for dinner. The next day, as we were wrapping up the morning block of presentations, we start talking about lunch, and my husband being the nerd he is, decided to skip lunch (sacrilegio!) to go to some free mini-workshops from 12 to 1. I joined our friend and his wife and we ended up at Le Burger Brasserie.

We were seated right away, and I quickly realized this was more like a sports bar (and well, duh, the full name of the place is Le Burger Brasserie Sports Grille – how did I miss that?). So, you look around and there are flat-screens everywhere. And your waitresses are dressed like French hookers, which I guess can be a selling point for some people. I felt particularly bad for the one flat-chested waitress. Her corset looked like it was sliding down her body, while the other girls’ corsets seemed to be overflowing with pechugera. Anyway, enough about the waitresses. I just found it really strange and forced. Like it’s a sports bar/burger joint, but it’s in a hotel called Paris, so our waitresses should look “French”, but they should also be a little on the slutty side because, well, it’s a sports bar.

I started looking through the menu, I couldn’t make up my mind! There were a lot of things besides burgers on the menu (steak and fries, chowder, salads, wings, and even non-beef burgers (chicken, turkey, salmon, lamb, veggie). But I wanted a beef burger.

All their options/combinations sounded great, and if they hadn’t sounded great, you could mix and match your own toppings, and THAT list was extensive as well… I finally settled on “Le Paris” – 100% black Angus Beef with Brie, smoked bacon and caramelized onions. However I asked them to sub Bleu Cheese for the Brie (not a fan). For the bun I chose the whole wheat and oat bun (they bake all their buns in-house every day).

My dining companions had similar choices. One went with Le Paris as-is, the other went with – I think – a regular cheeseburger. I can’t remember. I was too busy salivating in anticipation. We also ordered a fries sampler: Waffle and Petite Pomme Frites.

These burgers weren’t as pricy as the sliders at Fix, though definitely more than even the priciest typical fast food burger. At $10-11 for a burger, once again, I was sold on the first bite, and wouldn’t have hesitated to pay more than that. The bun was a little dryer than I would have liked, but I think the moisture from the cheese and onions gradually improved the texture and after a few bites, with everything getting pressed together, it became a near-perfect combination of flavor and texture. On this burger, the onions didn’t add much more than moisture, because the flavor of the bacon and the bleu cheese were overpowering, but they didn’t detract either.

Le Paris with Bleu

The fries… both were very good, but the fries from FIX had set my expectations very high, and these just didn’t hold up in comparison. One of my dining companions apparently didn’t feel the same way. He ate most of the fries. His wife and I had some but this guy was still picking out crumbs from the basket as we were getting ready to walk out.

Waffle Fries
Waffle Fries
Petite Fries

We didn’t order dessert. BUT…

LeBleu Fries

The four of us returned the next day for lunch. So we ate here twice. This time, the wait was insane. We probably stood around for about 25-30 minutes before getting a table, and some larger groups waited even longer. I got the same thing, as did the other two who went with me the previous day. My husband ordered “Le Bleu” which was topped with bleu cheese, avocado and smoked bacon.

Once again, fantastic burgers. Having been disappointed by the fries the day before, I didn’t care if we got them or not, but we ordered the waffle/petite sampler again, for the boys. This time the Petites had some kind of seasoning on them that made ALL the difference! I think someone forgot to season our fries the first time around. Wow. This was really good. Still not as good as FIX’s fries, but an improvement from the previous day.

This time we ordered desserts, and while they were good, I probably wouldn’t order desserts there again. They were nothing special. Mine was an ice cream/cookie sandwich, with vanilla ice cream between two large chocolate chip cookies (thin and crispy kind, not thick and chewy, which was a plus as I don’t like thick/chewy cookies). My husband had the chocolate brownie with a ball of ice cream on top. It was OK but not very exciting or “amazing” or anything… meh… We’ll stick to the burgers there.

There were some other items on the menu that we considered but didn’t order. There were milk shakes (traditional flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, as well as espresso, peanut butter, banana…). There was also a 100oz. Beer Tower for $30. It comes with its own tap. You can go the classy route with that, or just order a bucket with five or six bottles of beer

By the way, their website claims that their “signature” burger is the $777 Burger – a Kobe beef and maine lobster burger with imported brie, prosciutto, caramelized onions, and 100-year aged balsamic vinegar. It comes with a bottle of Rose Dom Perignon. Yeah, I wonder how many of those they actually sell, and how drunk one has to be to actually order one.

Was it a good burger? Hell yes. Was the service acceptable? Superb. Very attentive staff both times. Would I eat here again? Probably not. Maybe. If I’m stuck at Paris between presentations at another conference in the future most definitely. But I enjoyed my sliders at FIX a lot more, and I loooove the burgers at The Burger Bar (from previous visits to Las Vegas), so there are definitely other places I’d hit up for a burger before coming to Le Burger Brasserie again.

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Le Burger Brasserie @ Paris Hotel
3655 Las Vegas Blvd So. Las Vegas, Nevada 89109

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  • July 14, 2009 at 2:01 PM

    I ate at this joint back in January and really liked the burger. The well-endowed waitresses didnt hurt either. Im headed back to Vegas for a week tomorrow for work. If you go back, you gotta hit up Burger Bar at Mandalay Bay. You can select one of their burgers or make your own and they have tons of options. Its one of the best burgers Ive had as far as seasoning and temperature (they really know how to nail a medium-rare).

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