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Top 5 Best Sauces in Miami & South Florida

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These are the Top 5 Best Sauces in South Florida. More than likely you’ll either agree with me on a few, enlighten me about others I don’t know about or praise me for me telling you about them.

Start out 2013 right by seeking out these fellas. These are not in any particular order:


1. Queso Sauce from the Hamburguesa Taco at El Jefe Luchador: In short, this a Charm City Burger Company Burger in a Taco but what really makes it work is the “Queso Sauce”. Cheese does make the world go round you know.

Hamburguesa Taco
Hamburguesa Taco

2. Garlic Sauce from Doggi Style (NO LONGER OPEN): Sometimes I use their Pink Sauce, sometimes I use their Chili Mayo Sauce but I always use the Garlic Sauce. Every time!

Hot Dog w/Garlic & Chili Mayo Sauces
Hot Dog w/Garlic & Chili Mayo Sauces

3. Copperpots’ Sriracha (NO LONGER OPEN): You guys can keep your Huy Fong Sriracha. I’ll stick to South Florida natives Copperpot’s and their highly addictive Sriracha. It’s slightly sweet with a little bite at the end, kinda like me.

Copperpots' Sriracha (not my pic but I wish it was)
Copperpots’ Sriracha (not my pic but I wish it was)

4. Yellow Mustard Mayo Sauce from Blue Collar: It’s served with the  Cuban Sandwich Spring Rolls but everyone knows there’s no Mayo on a Cuban Sandwich. So do the sensible thing, save the sauce and dip your fries in it. You can thank me later.

Cuban Spring Rolls with Mayo/Mustard Sauce
Cuban Sandwich Spring Rolls with Yellow Mustard Mayo Sauce

5. Creole Mustard from A&G Burger Joint (NO LONGER OPEN): The Creole Mustard is served with pretty much every Burger at A&G and well it should. I didn’t want to share it with anyone and you really shouldn’t have to.

Creole Mustard
Creole Mustard

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