Who were the Burger Broskys?

It’s about time I explain the whole Burger Broskys thing. The first talks with Ted’s Burgers started about a year ago about teaming up.

It was right around the time Burger Buff was in town. When giant burger creators and fans get together, it’s all about a mutual admiration society. Hence things like my Burger Club happen.

The Burger Broskys
The Burger Broskys

Ted made his award-winning burgers at the National Burger Month edition Burger Club Meating in May. At that event, we sat down and seriously discussed how a collaboration would work.

A few months later, Pikadiyo offered me an opportunity to do a Burger Beast popup at their restaurant in Coral Gables. Pikadiyo is closed on Sundays, so we had the run of the place on National Cheeseburger Day.

Ted's Burgers + Buff.Burger Popup The Fellas
Burger.Buff – Ted’s Burgers Colla Popup + Burger Beast from Nov 2021
Burger Broskys at Mojo Donuts
Burger Broskys at Mojo Donuts

I chose to crop our heads off a picture from the Burger Buff event crudely to use for an Instagram post for our popup at Mojo Donuts. For the record, Ted is not a fan of this picture which is even more reason to use it 🤣

Burger Broskys In the Kitchen
Burger Broskys (Shaun-Marcela-Ted) In the Kitchen

It’s important to note that Burger Broskys is more than just Ted and I. Shaun, Ted’s right-hand man (follow him and his cooking escapades as Shaun’s Cooking), and Marcela are an essential part of the Broskys.

Burger Broskys No Subs Signage
Burger Broskys No Subs Signage
Pops testing the 1st burger with Ted at Mojo Donuts
My Pops testing the 1st burger with Ted at Mojo Donuts
Burger Broskys Ted's Burger
Ted’s Burger
Burger Broskys - Trying to figure out how this thingamajig works
BB is trying to figure out how this gadget works

So, yeah, that’s us, the Burger Broskys…keeping it real in the 305.

Our next Burger Broskys popup will feature our first collaboration burger; I’m talking to you folks hitting us up at Arbetter’s. We’ll also have Pastelito Papi with us.

Make sure to follow us on Instagram, and in the meantime, if you’ve got a spot for us to do our thing…hit us up!

Burger Broskys Popup Dates

September 18th, 202212 PM-SelloutTio ColoPikadiyo400 S Dixie Hwy
October 22nd12 PM-SelloutMojo Donuts8870 SW 40th St
November 18th12 PM-SelloutPastelito PapiArbetter Hot Dogs8747 SW 40th St
November 19th11 AM-SelloutJoanna’s Marketplace8247 S Dixie Hwy
November 26th12 PM-SelloutNight Owl Cookies163 NW 25th St

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