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Hamburger King – Montgomery, Alabama

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I had made one previous attempt to eat at Hamburger King a few years earlier but they were closed by the time I got into town. They’re only open Monday through Friday, 7 AM through 2:30 PM.

I made sure to not have a repeat of my previous debacle this time around. Another important thing to remember is having cash on hand. Hamburger King is cash only but there is an ATM.

Hamburger King, which opened in 1970 is a tiny spot with a few counter stools and a couple of tables for four. If you’re into dives then this is the place for you and I mean that in the most loveable way possible. It’s my kinda joint, no-frills.

I was tempted to try the breakfast but knew that only a cheeseburger and a hot dog with cheese was the way to go. Fries aren’t available, only chips so I skipped out on those. Both my burger and dog were ordered with cheese, mustard, onions and cooked on their broken-in griddle.

I didn’t have the luxury to hang out and eat another burger since we were driving through Montgomery and were on a time crunch. I’m glad I tried the hot dog, but this is Hamburger King and there is only one head of household. Next time, I won’t even hesitate to order two cheeseburgers and maybe, just maybe I’ll do a ham & cheese sandwich too.

Hamburger King Menu
Menu photo courtesy of Chris Lynch
Hot Dog w/Cheese

Hamburger King
547 S Decatur Street
Montgomery, Alabama 36104

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