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Mr. and Mrs. Bun, A Peruvian Delight

This is Mr. and Mrs. Bun in short: Close your eyes & point to anywhere on the menu. Guess what? Whatever you choose will be an excellent choice.

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World Famous EggRoll Restaurant & Food Truck

World Famous EggRoll restaurants and food trucks by China Man turn your favorite dishes into egg rolls. The signature Philly Cheese Steak egg roll is fire.

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Red Top Pit Stop – Lakeland, Florida

Asking a local is the easiest way to uncover a hidden gem in their town. It’s exactly how I ended up at Red Top Pit Stop. The lunch rush was just letting out as we arrived. My wife Marcela and I were able to score a couple of seats at a communal table right when…

Burgers in Miami-Dade County

Babe’s Meat & Counter – Palmetto Bay, Florida

HISTORY I officially met Babe’s Meat & Counter right when they began their adventure as Babe Froman Fine Sausages. They started slowly and would set up shop at markets around town. The Fromans (just kidding their actual names are Jason & Melanie Schoendorfer) were barely a year in the biz when they participated in my…

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Whataburger in Florida

Before we get into all of the Whataburger locations in Florida, it’s history time. *WHATABURGER HISTORY Paul Barton and Harmon Dobson founded Whataburger. They opened their first restaurant in Corpus Christi, Texas, on August 8, 1950, right across from Del Mar College. Only a couple of months earlier, Dobson had met Burton and decided to…

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A&W Drive-In – Madisonville, Tennessee

One of the things that I asked about when I visited the A&W restaurant headquarters was the addresses of all the A&W drive-ins in the area. We were headed straight down from Lexington, Kentucky, to Atlanta, Georgia. The A&W Drive-in on our path to Atlanta ended up being in Madisonville, Tennessee. After I had made…