CosMc's Restaurant in Bolingbrook, Illinois at Night

CosMc’s Restaurant Menu by McDonald’s

Check out the menu and find out why people think the new CosMc’s restaurant by McDonald’s opening in Bolingbrook, IL, is meant to compete with Starbucks.

Burger Museum McDonaldland Cups

My Memories of McDonaldland & the Burger King Kingdom

I was McDonald’s and Burger King’s target market. So I ate up everything McDonald’s McDonaldland, and the Burger King Kingdom had to offer.

To this very day, I still love these characters and the memories associated with them.

MOOYAH's Double Cheeseburger with American Cheese & MOOYAH Sauce

MOOYAH Burgers in Miami

As soon as MOOYAH changed to new house-made buns and proprietary burger blended patties in 2016, they finally entered the burger game in my humble opinion.