Federal Donuts Box in Wynwood

Federal Donuts & Dizengoff in Wynwood, Florida

In early July 2017, chef Michael Solomonov (James Beard winner) opened a Federal Donuts location in Wynwood. At the time, all of the other locations were in the Philadelphia area. The menu’s hot and fresh donuts (tossed in strawberry lavender, cinnamon brown sugar & cookies ‘n cream) were cooked on the spot. The fancy donuts rotated daily and were made early in the morning aka will run out. Those flavors were black & white, blueberry mascarpone, chocolate éclair, guava poppy, lemon meringue, and strawberry shortcake. At 11 AM, the rest of the menu would click in high gear when the fried chicken became available. The half or whole fried chicken (dry, naked, or wet) could be customized with glazes like chili garlic and a few dry toppings (buttermilk ranch and coconut curry). The fried chicken sandwich with thick pickles, a spicy sauce, and American cheese on a Martin’s potato roll was more …

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Publix Chicken Tenders Sub

Publix Subs are Great, Order them Online & Skip the Knuckleheads

Before I get into my love for Publix Subs or Pub Subs, as some call it, I guess you gotta shave seconds off your dialogue wherever you can. My parents are Publix people, so as a teen I’d get sent to pick up some odds & ends for the house when I lived with them. I always dreaded looking at that list and seeing ham, cheese, or anything from the deli. I knew I’d be stuck in line behind some knucklehead who could not make up their mind about what they wanted or had to complain about the thickness of their 1/8 of a pound of the cheapest priced ham slices. Over the years, I’ve probably wished every ailment known to man to whoever was ordering before me. For a short time, I worked at a game store in Cutler Bay. There was a Publix in the same strip mall, …

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Umami Burger Miami Beach

Umami Burger is back in Miami as a Ghost Kitchen

Well, Miami, it looks like Umami Burger is back after a 6-year hiatus. Its original run on Miami Beach lasted a little over a year, from May 2013 through June 2014. We regret to announce that Umami South Beach had its last day of service on Sunday, June 22nd. Due to ongoing construction issues outside of our control, we are unable to continue operating in this location. We are thankful for our Umami fans in Miami and we look forward to announcing a new location soon. Please visit umami.com and follow us at @umamiburger for our current locations and upcoming openings. Statement about their closing in June 2014, courtesy of Eater Miami Umami Burger returns to the 305 They announced the return on their Facebook page on October 2nd. This time they are operating as a ghost kitchen out of the Brickell area. Umami Burger claims to be available only …

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